Who should determine whether a corrupt South Lake Tahoe Police officer faces criminal charges after the use of deadly force — a corrupt DA like Vern Pierson or a grand jury — is at the heart of a legal argument surrounding the June death of Kris Jackson in South Lake Tahoe.


With this killing of an unarmed man and other corruption in the SLTPD (Johnny Poland, Sgt. Shannon Laney and Cory Wilson history of perjury and fabricating evidence, editing dash cam video, etc) there can be no doubt we need a “CITIZEN REVIEW BOARD” to monitor the South Tahoe Police and citizen complaints made against the bad cops within the SLTPD. The El Dorado DA under Vern Pierson will do anything to avoid prosecuting a SLTPD officer for things like perjury in the courts let alone murder. These people cover-up for each other every single day – it’s called the “thin blue line” that protects these gang-bangers from the laws the rest of us have to live by. They consider themselves “above the law”.

kris jackson

Kris Jackson MURDERED by SLTPD

Who should determine whether a police officer faces criminal charges after the use of deadly force — a district attorney or a grand jury — is at the heart of a legal argument surrounding the June death of Kris Jackson in South Lake Tahoe.

The El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office has sought to convene a grand jury to determine whether criminal charges are warranted against officer Joshua Klinge, who shot and killed the 22-year-old Sacramento resident during an incident June 15. The DA’s effort to assemble the grand jury in the matter follows a Jan. 1 change in California law prohibiting grand juries from reviewing officer-involved shootings.

The district attorney’s office filed documents with California’s Third District Court of Appeals in March as part of its effort to use a grand jury to determine if criminal charges against Klinge are warranted. Prosecutors took the matter to appeals after El Dorado County Superior Court discharged a grand jury proceeding over the shooting in February.300-Increase-in-Cops-Charged-with-Murder-in-2015-Still-a-Long-Way-to-Go

The case has attracted attention from the California District Attorneys Association, which has applied with the appeals court to file a letter supporting the El Dorado DA’s effort, according to court documents. The association opposed the passage of California Senate Bill 227, which was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown in August. The law took effect Jan. 1 and prohibits the use of a grand jury to determine whether charges will be brought against officers who use deadly force. Supporters of the law argued the grand jury process provides little transparency and allows prosecutors to sidestep responsibility for determining whether to prosecute police officers. Prior to passage of the bill, the DAs association argued California’s grand jury system is more fair than federal and other states’ systems and argued for a more moderate approach to reform than removing all incidents of deadly force from the possibility of grand jury review.

A California District Attorneys Association representative declined to comment for this story. El Dorado County District Attorney Office spokesman Dave Stevenson also declined to comment on the possible prosecution of Klinge, citing the ongoing legal argument.


Police responded to the Tahoe Hacienda Inn in the early morning hours of June 15 following a report of a woman screaming. Klinge shot Jackson around 2:40 a.m. as Jackson was attempting to flee out of a window at the inn. Klinge said he perceived a deadly threat from Jackson prior to the shooting, according to a previous statement from the city. Jackson was unarmed at the time. Klinge was placed on paid administrative leave following the shooting.

A federal wrongful death suit filed against the city and members of its police force by Jackson’s parents, Angela Ainely and Patrick Jackson, is likely to be delayed as the legal issues surrounding potential criminal charges are resolved. Attorneys on both sides of the wrongful death suit have suggested a pause in the civil case until a determination regarding possible criminal charges against Klinge is made.

“As noted by Plaintiffs, the El Dorado District Attorney has refused to render a decision with respect to any criminal disposition of the officer’s use of force, but has instead attempted to convene a Grand Jury to consider the officer’s conduct,” wrote Bruce Praet, the attorney representing the city in the wrongful death suit, in an April 14 filing in federal court in Sacramento. “However, as of January 1, 2016, California Penal Code § 917(b) now expressly prohibits Grand Jury consideration of an officer’s use of deadly force. … Unfortunately, the Third District has now determined that the Writ Petition should be considered on the merits, but no briefing schedule has been set.”

Attorney Alan Laskin, who is representing Jackson’s parents in the civil suit, agreed that a stay in the case is necessary.

“Plaintiffs are not prepared to proceed with discovery in this case because of a pending action in state court on which the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office is attempting to overturn law regarding the use of a grand jury to indict a police officer for acts similar to those claimed in this case,” Laskin wrote.

A trial date of spring 2018 for the civil case is suggested in the filing, although the date is subject to extension.

SOURCE: http://www.tahoedailytribune.com/news/21753521-113/possible-charges-in-south-lake-tahoe-police-shooting


El Dorado County Political Update – Recall of Vern Pierson and Joe Harn Continues

News Updates:

Blogger’s Note – hope this thing succeeds. Reality says 90% of recall attempts fail to qualify.

SOURCE: http://rightondaily.com/2016/04/el-dorado-county-political-update-recall-of-vern-pierson-and-joe-harn-continues/


Placerville, CA – Local clean government advocates recently launched www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com a new website dedicated to exposing and ending corrupt practices in El Dorado County government. Hosted by Neighbors Against Corruption, www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com identifies criminal and office abusing actions of local elected officials, exposes corrupt practices occurring in County government, and builds a compelling case for recalling scandal plagued Auditor-Controller Joe Harn and abusive District Attorney Vern Pierson.

Visitors to www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com can learn more about the serious problem of El Dorado County corruption by downloading and reading published news stories, eyewitness accounts, and citizen testimony before the County Board of Supervisors concerning the inexcusable actions of some elected officials.  Topics featured on www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com include: the 2014-15 El Dorado County Civil Grand Jury Report – “Putting Political Gain Over What’s Right For The County”,  the City of Bell like “El Dorado County Bonus Scandal”, the County’s “Bullying and Harassment Scandal”, unpunished felony conduct, and abuse of office by elected officials.

Neighbors Against Corruption was formed in late 2015 by local residents horrified by the corrupt practices and actions of certain County elected officials to help clean-up El Dorado County government.

Currently, the clean government group is gathering signatures from registered voters to place the recall of the County’s two most corrupt elected officials on the ballot. To succeed in their important first project, local clean government advocates need to finish collecting 10,626 signatures from registered El Dorado County voters by mid-May. State law prohibits public disclosure of voters who signed recall petitions or inspection of such petitions by anyone other than election department employees. Recall petitions can be downloaded from www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com along with instructions on how to complete the petitions and where to send them.  For further information contact Dan Dellinger @ (530) 644-5663.

DA also on recall list

El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson

El Dorado DA Vern Pierson on recall list


Efforts to recall El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson are under way.The county Elections Department received and verified  20 signatures supporting the recall. The notice of intent to circulate a recall petition and affidavit of service was given to Elections officials on Nov. 24.


Joe Harn recall, El Dorado County, California (2016)

Joe Harn recall, El Dorado County, California
Recall status
Table of contents
Recall supporters
Recall opponents
Path to the ballot

An effort in El Dorado County, California, to recall Joe Harn from his position as county auditor-controller was officially launched on November 24, 2015.[1]The recall papers served to Harn by former county Information Technologies acting and interim director Kelly Webb accused Harn of incompetence and corruption.[1]

Recall supporters

The recall papers against Harn said that proponents are “seeking relief from the tyranny of our elected officials who have engaged in malfeasant acts and corrupt practices.”[1]

Proponents cited five allegations against Harn:

  • Failure “to make authorized payments for reasons of personal or political motivation”
  • Failure to produce and submit required county bill payment disclosure reports to the Board of Supervisors in violation of County Ordinance Code …”
  • Involvement in an “immoral scheme” in which some officials received more pay and pension benefits for “simply being re-elected or possessing the certificates required to hold office” (The Village Life says this refers to Harn’s Certified Public Accountant license)
  • Failure to “to protect the fiscal integrity of the county by willfully refusing to prepare a complete Cost Allocation Plan”
  • Engagement in “inappropriate conduct” including “harassment of employees, vendors and staff of other agencies”[1]

Recall opponents

Response from Joe Harn

In an email to Village Life, Harn said, “Being county auditor-controller is a lot like being an umpire. I do my best to call the balls and strikes fairly. I don’t vote on the budget. I don’t write county policies. I don’t write state law regarding county spending. I do have a duty to point out cases where the county attempts to spend money in violation of our policies or state law. Occasionally people get mad at the umpire. I am not surprised that there are 20 people who want me out of office.”[1]

Although the recall proponents alleged that Harn failed to prepare the Cost Allocation Plan, Harn said that the problems with the CAP stemmed from Webb’s from Webb’s failure to keep the correct billing records and timesheets.[1]


Kelly Webb, who served Harn the recall papers, was formerly the county Information Technologies acting and interim director. Webb filed a lawsuit against the county in 2015 for discrimination, with Harn named in the suit along with El Dorado County’s District Attorney Vern Pierson and Human Resources Director Pamela Knorr. Webb said that the three of them worked together to remove her from her IT position and demote her back to CAO analyst. Pierson was later appointed to head the IT department.[1][2]

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing recall in California

Those seeking the recall needed at least 20 signatures from resident voters in order to file a Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition. Proponents served that notice to Harn on November 24, 2015. Harn had seven days to file a response with the Elections Department, which he did on December 1, 2015. After the Elections Department validates the Notice of Intention of Circulate Recall Petition, recall proponents have 120 days to collect 10,625 valid signatures from resident voters of the county. State law dictates that signatures from 10 percent of registered voters within the county be collected to qualify a recall for an election. This is the provision according to which the 10,625 siganture requirement was calculated. The elections department would then need to validate and certify the recall petition between 88 and 125 days before the election in June 2016.[1]

Recent news

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Some of the stories below may not be relevant to this page due to the nature of Google’s news search engine.

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End time nears for El Dorado County recall against supervisors, DA and auditor

On October 27, 2015, Sue Novasel, the County Supervisor representing South Lake Tahoe, Meyers, Tahoma and Pollock Pines was served a “notice of intent to circulate a recall petition” by a group of citizens who said they are “tired of the corruption and cronyism that has plagued our county for years.” It wasn’t only Novasel, but all five of the County Supervisors, Shiva Frentzen, Ron Mikulaco, Michael Ranalli and Brian Veerkamp.

Auditor-Controller Joe Harn and District Attorney Vern Pierson are also the subject of a recall initiated by a group, Neighbors Against Corruption out of Shingle Springs.

El Dorado County Total Recall, the group organized by Dan Kelly of Placerville and four others to recall the five supervisors, has a few weeks left to gather the needed signatures.

“We won’t know how many signatures we have until its all done,” said Kelly. “It is going as planned at this time, its just a matter of getting the people out gathering signatures to turn them in.”

According to Justin Canning, Elections Technician for the County, 20 percent of the voters registered need to sign the petition to recall. In District 5, which includes South Lake Tahoe and Meyers, 3,530 people(as of today) would have to sign the recall paperwork to have Supervisor Novasel put on a recall ballot late this summer, or in early fall.

Canning said that it is 20 percent of the voters in a district registered on the day the signatures are turned in, and in Novasel’s case that is March 29, 2015. People may sign the voter registration cards when signing the petition, as long as they are turned in by the March deadline he said.

The signatures for the recall Veerkamp are also due on March 29, with those for Mikulaco and Frentzen on March 31, and Ranalli on April 12.

Those seeking to recall Horn and Pierson, since they serve the whole county, must have 20 percent of the county’s registered voters sign their paperwork by May 22.

Besides the general lack in trust of all elected officials serving in Placerville, the recall group has taken issue with the fact that Novasel’s Form 700 filed prior to the November 2014 election was different than the one she filed post-election in February of 2015.

Every elected official and public employee who makes or influences governmental decisions is required to submit a Statement of Economic Interest, also known as a Form 700, to the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

“I don’t want to appear as a disgruntled candidate,” said Kenny Curtzwiler, who opposed Novasel in the November 2014 election. “I brought all of these Form 700 issues up prior to the election.”

The recall committee said Novasel’s husband Robert owns property in Meyers, and his company has loaned money to people who may want to do business with the county. This would be a conflict of interest they say, and will make Novasel recuse herself from votes about Meyers and in issues where these clients are concerned.

“I haven’t had to recuse myself from any votes so far,” said Sue Novasel. “I didn’t vote on the Vail Master Plan submitted to TRPA because I didn’t want to cause any public outburst of worries, but I didn’t have to do that. I don’t see anything coming up that I will have to recuse because of my husband’s lending company.” Novasel’s daughter worked for Vail Resort at the time of the vote.

An initial FPPC investigation of Novasel’s Form 700 was conducted in June of 2015 which cleared Novasel of any wrong doing, but it lead County Counsel to remove Novasel from working on the Meyers Area Plan. The Board of Supervisors appointed Brian Veerkamp of District 3 to represent Novasel’s District 5 in those matters. At the time, Novasel said she was disappointed because a plan for Meyers had been something she’d been involved in for over 20 years.

A second FPPC investigation stemming from a complaint filed on August 17 by Sue Taylor of Pollock Pines was still in active status according the California FPPC on January 27, 2016.

A complaint those behind the recall had was her lack of availability to talk about issues.

Novasel said she has an office located locally at 924B Emerald Bay Road and said she meets with constituents there as often as possible. She said anyone can call 530-573-7918 to set up an appointment with her assistant Judy, as Sue is in Placerville or at meetings with the nine agencies she was assigned as part of her supervisorial commitments. She also said she plans on a town hall meeting this spring and is at the monthly Tahoe Paradise Park Board meetings held in Meyers.

Twenty-one people signed the notice to recall Novasel, one from Pollock Pines, the others from Meyers.

Should the recall groups get the needed signatures to have a new election, the next steps will happen rather quickly. If the signatures are turned in on the final date for Horn and Pierson, their election could be held on the same ballot as the November primaries since one has to be held between 88 and 125 days from the day the Board of Supervisors receives the Election department’s certification of signatures. A special election would have to be called for any of the supervisors if the recall effort is successful.

The cost of a special election would be about $80,000 for the first recall, according to Canning. Subsequent district elections would be approximately $20,000 each. He said they are using the estimates from the 2014 special election held to replace Ray Nutting, the ousted four-term supervisor from District 2.

“All we’re doing in this recall is asking for a new election,” said Kelly. “The incumbent can still run, its not like we’re taking them out of office, we just think there are people who can do better.”

“We want supervisors to be more representative of the public, not of special interests, Kelly continued. “We’re giving the electorate an opportunity to voice their opinion. The County wastes more money in five minutes than this recall will cost.”

The recall groups are a mixture of Democrats, Republicans, Jeffersons and Independents according to Kelly.

“I am thrilled to see that people are paying attention to whats going on and being active,” said Kelly. “If the recall succeeds or not, its good people are getting involved in the process. They are asking questions, reading and paying attention and I hope this has a lasting effect.”

For more information on the recall, the issues and individual complaints against all five of the supervisors being recalled, visit www.edctotalrecall.org.


El Dorado County DA, auditor face recall

SOURCE: http://www.laketahoenews.net/2015/12/el-dorado-county-da-auditor-face-recall/


Vern Pierson and Joe Harn face recall

By Kathryn Reed

A group of residents is trying to recall El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson and Auditor-Controller Joe Harn.

The county elections department on Dec. 14 expects to give the petitioners approval to move forward with the process.

To start the process 20 valid signatures from registered voters had to be obtained for each elected official. Some of the signees have a history with Pierson and Harn, like Cris Alarcon who was prosecuted by Pierson and Kelly Webb who Harn questioned if she were suitable for the IT job at the county that she no longer has.

Pierson and Harn easily won re-election in November 2014.

Now the groups have 160 days to obtain approximately 10,625 valid signatures. If those are secured, then an election – at the taxpayers’ expense – will be called.

These recalls are in addition the five Board of Supervisors who are being recalled. Signatures are being sought for them.

On the petition against Pierson it says in part:

“We the voters are seeking relief from the tyranny of our elected officials who have engaged in malfeasant acts and corrupt practices, including, but not limited to: Abusing the power and resources of office to pursue criminal prosecutions and civil litigation against innocent persons and businesses for personal and political reasons, such as, generating career building publicity and punishing political enemies.”

Harn’s petition says in part: “We the voters are seeking relief from the tyranny of our elected officials who have engaged in malfeasant acts and corrupt practices, including, but not limited to: Failure to make authorized payments for reasons of personal and political motivation in violation of California State Penal Code Sections 424 and 425.”

Pierson told Lake Tahoe News, “This group of imbeciles is costing the taxpayers money for something that has no real likelihood of success. If it is successful, it will cost the taxpayers a fortune.”

Pierson and Harn had the opportunity to write a 200-word response to the petition. Those words have to be circulated with the full petition when seeking the 10,625 signatures.

The DA used most of his allotment to go after Alarcon: “After serving as chair of the county Charter Review Committee, Cris Alarcon was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy. Alarcon gave the deputy an Arizona license and claimed to be an Arizona resident. The plate tag on his car was stolen from his elderly neighbor. His wife admitted he did it to avoid license and registration. My office convicted him of multiple charges, including receiving stolen property, driving on a revoked license and false registration. Last year I was re-elected by a margin of 3 to 1. My opponent, a Placer County resident, claimed to live with Alarcon. Now this vengeful criminal seeks to waste thousands of your tax dollars on this bogus recall campaign. Don’t be conned by this criminal!”

Harn told Lake Tahoe News, “Being county auditor-controller is a lot like being an umpire. I do my best to call the balls and strikes fairly. I don’t vote on the budget. I don’t write county policies. I don’t write state law regarding county spending. I do have a duty to point out cases where the county attempts to spend money in violation of our policies or state law. Occasionally people get mad at the umpire. I am not surprised that there are 20 people who want me out of office.”

Psycho DA Vern Pierson is Getting Recalled Along with Ogre Joe Harn

Please note: Rumor has it Vern Pierson has endorsed a candidate in the AD06 race. However she has not posted it on her website yet, I wonder why?

For those of you that don’t read Right on Daily often – you should know that Vern Pierson is one of my favorite losers. He is up there with a certain non-college graduate Assembly-member with a hyped up resume. (Which may explain Pierson’s affinity for another such candidate – but I digress)

Joe Harn is legendary for his temper and abuse of staff. Vern Pierson is a loser District Attorney who abuses his office to get what he wants and also let a felony domestic abuser walk because it did not suit him to prosecute. Friends of Pierson get hand-slaps. Enemies of Pierson get assaulted with his abuse of the legal system.

Don’t forget that both Harn and Pierson rake in thousands in “Bonuses” over and above their bloated annual paychecks for abusing the taxpayers. Should you ever meet them, don’t bother shaking their hand – they both seem to have forgotten how to grip a handshake. (an Amazing irony, given they are a couple bullies)

Please note – the above is called commentary. I think the above of Harn / Pierson and am not alone. Eventually everyone else in El Dorado County will agree with me. Or, they could just resign and the beatings will stop.

Attached is a Press Release from a group seeking to cut Vern’s Hair a little shorter and to give Joe Harn some anger management counseling:


Placerville, CA – Clean Government advocates uniting under the newly formed “Neighbors Against Corruption” served embattled Auditor-Controller Joe Harn and District Attorney Vern Pierson with a Notice of Intention to Recall under California Elections Code division 11, Article 2, triggering a recall petition drive.  Under State law, recall proponents must formally serve targeted elected officials with a legal notice that includes legitimate reasons or grounds for removal from office.

The proponents cited the following grounds for the removal of Harn:

Failure to make authorized payments for reasons of personal and political motivation in violation of California State Government Code Sections 424 and 425. (Both felonies)

Participating in an immoral scheme whereby some County Elected Officials receive non-performance bonuses increasing the amount of both their six figure base salaries and retirement pensions for reasons such as simply being re-elected or possessing the certificates required to hold office.

Failure to protect the fiscal integrity of the County by willfully refusing to prepare a complete Cost Allocation Plan.

Failure to produce and submit required County bill payment disclosure reports to the Board of Supervisors in violation of County Ordinance Code Sections 3.16.130 and 3.16.140.

Engaging in inappropriate conduct including; harassment, bullying, and disrespectful conduct towards County employees, vendors, and staff of other agencies.

The proponents cited the following grounds for the removal of Pierson:

Abusing the power and resources of office to pursue criminal prosecutions and civil litigation against innocent persons and businesses for personal and political reasons, such as, generating career building publicity and punishing political enemies.

Participating in an immoral scheme whereby some County Elected Officials receive non-performance bonuses increasing the amount of both their six figure base salaries and retirement pensions for reasons such as simply being re-elected or possessing the certificates required to hold office.

Participating in an immoral scheme whereby the District Attorney receives extra pay as “County Chief Technology Officer”, thereby gaining access to all e-mail messages moving through the County internet system including the Public Defender’s Office.

Abusing court rules to discredit Judges for personal and political reasons.

Recall petitions will be available for circulation in the next few weeks.  Approximately 10,500 valid signatures are required to force a recall election of a County-wide elected official. Proponents also believe that Pierson’s continued failure to prosecute his political ally Harn for felony violations of the State Penal Code will prompt County voters to sign the recall petitions.

Is Vern Pierson a Nazi? Or, is he just a facist? Harn? He is just a garden variety moron. This should be fun.

Village Life


Harn gets recall notice

El Dorado County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn has received a Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition.

Recall proponents cite five issues from which they are “seeking relief from the tyranny of our elected officials who have engaged in malfeasant acts and corrupt practices.”

Citing a violation of California State Penal Code, the notice states that Harn failed “to make authorized payments for reasons of personal or political motivation.” A second charge reads: “Failure to produce and submit required county bill payment disclosure reports to the Board of Supervisors in violation of County Ordinance Code …”

Revisiting an issue controversial two years ago, proponents claim Harn engaged in “an immoral scheme” in which certain elected officials received additional pay and pension benefits for reasons such as “simply being re-elected or possessing the certificates required to hold office.” The latter refers to Harn’s having a Certified Public Accountant license.

The notice also states that the auditor-controller failed “to protect the fiscal integrity of the county by willfully refusing to prepare a complete Cost Allocation Plan.”

Finally, proponents charge Harn with “engaging in inappropriate conduct” such as “harassment of employees, vendors and staff of other agencies.”

In an e-mail to Village Life Harn wrote, “Being county auditor-controller is a lot like being an umpire. I do my best to call the balls and strikes fairly. I don’t vote on the budget. I don’t write county policies. I don’t write state law regarding county spending. I do have a duty to point out cases where the county attempts to spend money in violation of our policies or state law. Occasionally people get mad at the umpire. I am not surprised that there are 20 people who want me out of office.”

In order to file a Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition, proponents must secure at least 20 signatures from resident voters.

Former county Information Technologies acting and interim director Kelly Webb, the primary proponent of the recall effort, sent the notice to Harn by certified mail Nov. 24.

The retired county employee is currently suing the county for discrimination, and names Harn in her lawsuit, along with El Dorado County’s District Attorney Vern Pierson and Human Resources Director Pamela Knorr. Webb alleges that the three conspired to remove her from her position in Information Technologies and demote her back to her previous position as a CAO analyst. Pierson was later appointed to oversee Information Technologies.

As interim IT director, Webb was also directly involved in the Cost Allocation Plan — the topic of a recent El Dorado County Grand Jury report. According to information provided by the Auditor-Controller’s Office, it was Webb’s inexperience keeping the appropriate billing records and time sheets that created problems with the CAP.

Harn told Village Life Thursday that he filed a response with the Elections Department Dec. 1, and served his document to Webb via certified mail.

As permitted under state Elections Code regarding recall, the elected official may make a formal response of not more than 200 words within seven days of receiving the notice.

In information shared with Village Life, Harn focused on several achievements related to “protecting tax dollars and ensuring our county stays debt-free.” He writes that he has “strongly opposed reckless spending and borrowing …” and convinced the Board of Supervisors not to adopt “the most expensive Cadillac retirement plans plaguing nearby government agencies.”

His response continues, “Without reservation, I’ve insisted that big, out-of-county developers pay their fair share for road improvements and libraries — or go develop elsewhere.”

He concludes by noting that in 2013 he successfully advised the Board of Supervisors to reduce the county’s share of Department of Motor Vehicle fees thereby reducing residents’ overall DMV fees.

Once the Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition has been validated and certified by the county Elections Department, Elections Code allows proponents 120 days to circulate the countywide petition to acquire signatures from 10,625 resident, registered voters in order to move the petition onto a countywide ballot.

“However, they will need to collect more than that to turn in since some might be rejected,” Registrar of Voters Bill Schultz wrote in an e-mail to Village Life.

The larger petition must include greater detail with more specific charges and/or allegations. The Elections Department must validate and then certify the documents within a time frame of 88 to 125 days before the next election — June 2016.

When discussing the recall petitions served to the five county supervisors in October, Assistant Registrar of Voters Linda Webster told Village Life that her staff would go through the petition “line by line” and check all relevant statements. If corrections are needed, Webster said her office will send it back to the proponents.

SOURCE: http://www.villagelife.com/news/harn-gets-recall-notice/

SLTPD watch


GOVERNMENT ADVOCATES TRIGGER PIERSON, HARN RECALL DRIVE by admin / Dec 07, 2015 / 0 comments Caption: : You can stop corruption By : Dan Dellinger 2015-12-07, 03:27:23 PLACERVILLE CA Clean Government advocates uniting under the newly formed “Neighbors Against Corruption” served embattled Auditor-Controller Joe Harn and District Attorney Vern Pierson with a Notice of Intention… Read more here: https://sltpdwatch.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/psycho-da-vern-pierson-is-getting-recalled-along-with-ogre-joe-harn/

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Is El Dorado County Auditor Joe Harn Going to Jail?


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El Dorado Superior Court is a total shit-hole of coruption


If you find yourself in the El Dorado Superior Court, be ware the place is a shit-hole of corruption.

The courthouse above is really that below.

Locals disagree over planned county courthouse relocation

By From page A1 | March 04, 2016

She has been standing on the street corner at Main Street and Bedford Avenue since 1912, welcoming those seeking justice, but the beautiful old courthouse is no longer able to serve the purpose to which she was dedicated more than a century ago, according to California state officials.

Like grown children trying to decide what to do with an aging parent, the community has been arguing over the fate of the ornate old building.

The El Dorado County Courthouse, with its stately and proud presence, apparently is serving its last days as a justice hub, with plans afoot to have a judicial complex in place by 2021 on property near the county jail on Forni Road, within city limits but no longer downtown.

There are those who say such a move should never happen, that the loss of the courthouse and its ancillary services and businesses such as the District Attorney, Public Defender and private law offices will mean the devastation of the downtown Main Street economy.

There are others, however, who envision a rebirth of the area, with a revitalization of not only the old courthouse building but the DA’s Office right across Bedford Avenue, a building that historically was Placerville’s post office. The nearby Old City Hall and even the brick county Chamber of Commerce building all could be part of a package deal with a city-county-private partnership that would infuse the funding to make the project into a historical haven that would draw tourists off Highway 50 and onto Main Street, proponents say.


Committee formed

A Blue Ribbon Committee was formed last year with the goal of helping to decide just what the old courthouse’s future might be; it met twice, but the last two scheduled meetings were canceled in January and February, due to pending litigation by an organization that states it seeks to preserve historical aspects of the city.

The Placerville Historic Preservation League filed a lawsuit last summer saying that an environmental impact report regarding having the courthouse operation move is inadequate and in violation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) because it doesn’t address nor offer mitigation of possible damage to the downtown business core. The league’s Kirk Callan Smith has said the EIR did not adequately address issues including the “blight and urban decay” that would result downtown if the courthouse moves to the planned site near the county jail.

Therefore, the suit alleges, the certification of the EIR is in violation of CEQA and it asks that the Judicial Council of California “vacate and rescind all approvals” for the Forni Road courthouse project, a planned 88,000-square-foot, three-story building with six courtrooms and a basement.

Smith has told the Mountain Democrat he thinks there is sufficient property in the immediate area of the existing courthouse to build an even bigger courts complex than the one eyed for Forni Road.

For decades it has been discussed having the current courthouse, built in 1912, “re-purposed” into possible retail, offices and even a museum but the PHPL maintains that the court should remain as is.

The state, however, since 2002 has taken over the operation and management of all superior courts and has deemed the Placerville situation in need of immediate changes. The state Judicial Council said not only is the main courthouse in downtown no longer workable as a court, it also took into consideration the auxiliary courtroom in Building C at the county Government Center, Dept. 7. But, even together, the facilities were deemed inadequate to fill future needs

DA Vern Pierson Fails to show Probable Cause so Judge Drops Case against Marijuana Dispensary

The Pure Life Marijuana Dispensary case ended in a celebration for Kelly Chiusano, CEO of the Pure Life Collective; Summer Bradley, CFO of the Pure Life Collective; Chris Brown, a Pure Life employee and vendor; and Whitney Marshand, a Pure Life employee. Honorable Judge Kenneth B. Melikian ruled in favor of the defendants, dropping all charges on Friday afternoon.

Judge Melikian addressed the court before he delivered his judgement. “Thank you for your patience in awaiting the court’s ruling. The evidence was voluminous.”

Department 2 in the Main Street courthouse was packed with family and supporters. Bradley, Chiusano and Marshand (Brown was not present) were emotional and sighed a breath of relief in hearing the judge’s decision.

“I feel the truth stood for itself. I came in today not knowing, wondering how I was going to shoulder the financial burden if it went to trial. We run a clean business and we are going to reopen,” said Bradley.

“I am so very grateful he was compassionate,” said Marchand.

DA Vern PiersonThe catalyst for the court case was the arrest of Chiusano following a November 2014 raid at the Pure Life Collective. Five months after the raid, no charges were filed and Chuisano requested the marijuana taken from the business he operated be recovered so he could re open.

Attorney Zenia Gilg, on behalf of Chiusano, filed a request to the county to return records and the marijuana, citing the dispensary “needs to operate,” said Gilg.

The case went through a lengthy preliminary hearing, with both sides bringing forth substantial evidence and interviewing witnesses.

“I am grateful the judge took this very seriously, really taking his time. It is nice to be recognized,” said Gilg.

SOURCE: http://www.mtdemocrat.com/news/tears-of-joy-for-pure-life-crew/

Reader comments: Judge Kingsbury is most certainly one of the most corrupted judges in the state why hasn’t the DOJ investigated them yet?


Judge Suzanne Kinsburry

Judge Kingsbury is most certainly one of the most corrupted judges in the state why hasn’t the DOJ investigated them yet? what will it take?

They are on a path of certain destruction, by malicious prosecution, attorney malpractice, falsifying, withholding, and planting evidence is their specialty are they getting kickbacks from the prison industry from all the innocent people they send to prison?

When you appeal and complain your appeal is supposed to go to an independent panel of 3 judges but it is sent back to the same judge who tried the case? They sent my son to prison for 6 years for protecting himself on his own property from a man with a gun trying to kill him? Was this guy with a gun Assistant DA Robin Anthony Sears’s best friend? why did they falsify and withhold evidence, why was malicious prosecution and personal grudges allowed? Why are Public Defenders like Lori London sabotaging their own clients cases? What the hell is going on here? Why wont anyone do anything about it????????? I seriously want answers!!!!!


South Lake Tahoe Superior Court is the most corrupt court in California they have sent thousands of innocent people to prison, when these people appeal instead of the appeals going through an independent panel of 3 it goes straight back to the corrupt judge who tried the case, corruption abounds my son was sentenced to 6 years without the possibility of parole and sabotaged by his own public defender for protecting himself in his own front yard when an armed criminal came to kill him how the hell is that justice? My son had just turned 18 the attacker was 24 Tony Sears withheld and falsified evidence and maliciously prosecuted my son on a personal grudge Mr. Sears admitted to our Attorney we had to hire after Lori London sabotaged her own clients case she told us to shut up stop sending her evidence, stop calling her that my son was going to prison for 6 years and there was nothing we could do about it, that was after his arraignment where she objected and when asked on what grounds she laughed out loud and said I don’t know? If you live in Tahoe GET OUT do whatever you have to leave that evil place before you find yourself in prison for protecting yourself from an armed criminal who happens to be friends with the Assistant DA very dangerous corrupt town!!!!



Judge on Judge corruption, scandals and discrimination in the El Dorado Superior Court – The Honorable Dylan Sullivan was elected by this county’s voters by an overwhelming majority. For her to be removed suddenly, without warning, from proceedings in Department 7 by District Attorney Vern Pierson is a travesty of justice

Dylan Sullivan, right, will join El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Suzanne Kingsbury. Photo/Wendy David

By Kathryn Reed

SOURCE: http://www.laketahoenews.net/2015/08/edc-judge-ousted-from-criminal-bench/

El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Dylan Sullivan has been removed from all criminal cases and instead will hear civil issues.

The reason for this change has not been disclosed.

Presiding Judge Suzanne Kingsbury, who makes the assignments, deferred comment to the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office. She would not explain why.

“The legal system is designed so both the District Attorneys Office as well as the Public Defenders Office is offered the opportunity when appropriate to exercise the legal authority to exclude a Superior Court judge from a case. At this time the District Attorneys Office has chosen to utilize this legal right,” Deputy District Attorney David Stevenson told Lake Tahoe News.

The DA’s Office has filed a number of preemptory challenges against Sullivan. However, the reasons are not being disclosed. The DA’s office said Sullivan would be challenged on a case-by-case situation.

These types of challenges are not routine, but neither are they rare, according to legal officials. They must be made in a timely manner and can only be filed once per case.

Filing such a challenge is equivalent to saying one does not believe the judge will be able to handle the case, perhaps for ethical reasons. The attorney doing the challenge does not have to prove bias. While California is not alone in allowing this type of procedure, it is not the norm in most states.

The judge has no recourse and essentially does not get her day in court to prove she is or is not biased or that she is being wrongfully persecuted in a reverse case of bias.

People close to the issue told Lake Tahoe News things came to a head last week with Kingsbury clearing Sullivan’s court calendar starting on Aug. 10. By the end of the week Sullivan was told to go home. This week she has been seen following Judge Nelson Brooks who handles probate, an area of law Sullivan isn’t familiar with. Reports are the two judges will be swapping departments.

Even so, this will not eliminate Sullivan from interacting with deputy district attorneys. They are involved in delinquency and other cases in that department.

“There are judicial ethics that make it difficult for me to comment,” Sullivan told Lake Tahoe News. She would not say anything more.

The normal process if someone has an issue with a judge is to file a complaint with the Commission of Judicial Performance.

“We can’t talk about specific cases. We can’t say who is under investigation,” Victoria Henley, director and chief counsel for the commission, told Lake Tahoe News.

If a challenge for cause were filed, that is when the challenger has to prove bias or misconduct by the judge.

Sullivan, 49, was elected to the job in June 2014. She filled the vacancy of retiring Judge Daniel Proud. She was to begin the job in January, but instead Gov. Jerry Brown appointed her to the seat early. Kingsbury swore her in Sept. 19, 2014.

At that time Kingsbury said she assigned Sullivan to Department 7, the criminal pre-trial department in Placerville, to handle misdemeanor arraignments, hear preliminary matters, traffic issues, and drug court because of Sullivan’s training and experience.


El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Dylan Sullivan pulled from duty

Judge Dylan Sullivan

Judge Dylan Sullivan

El Dorado County District Attorney officials have excluded El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Dylan Sullivan from proceedings until further notice.

DA officials cite California Civil Code 170.6 to back up their action. The code states, “A judge, court commissioner or referee of a superior court of the state of California shall not try a civil or criminal action or special proceeding of any kind or character nor hear any matter therein that involves a contested issue of law or fact when it is established as provided in this section that the judge or court commissioner is prejudiced against a party or attorney or the interest of a party or attorney appearing in the action or proceeding.”

“The legal system is designed so that the DA’s Office as well as the police department is afford the opportunity, when applicable, to exercise the legal authority to exclude a judge from proceedings,” DA investigator Dave Stevenson told the Mountain Democrat. “We are utilizing this legal right.”

Sullivan was not available for comment. The Department 7 judge handled criminal and traffic proceedings in the El Dorado County Government Center’s Building C basement in Placerville. She was first elected in June 2014.

Short URL: http://www.villagelife.com/?p=51676

Kirk Smith Challenges DA Vern Pierson to Put Up or Stand Down regarding Judge Dylan Sullivan

by admin / Sep 01, 2015 / 0 comments

Caption: :
Kirk Smith, DA Vern Pierson, Judge Dylan Sullivan

2015-09-01, 07:17:47 PLACERVILLE CA

Kirk Smith: “The origin of the phrase “peremptory challenge” — a very old legal term — means that a reason does not have to be stated. And the DA”s office did NOT give any reasons to reporters or in court papers.”

What’s next, Vern?

Why ask the Judge? Judges are barred from commenting, making the DA’s first front page smear a couple weeks ago all the more cowardly. Judge Sullivan correctly and appropriately cited and followed the governing cannons of judicial ethics. Why not ask Vern Pierson for comment? And please look at the actual court papers the DA filed to back up his sleazy attack because I read them and there’s nothing in those short pages to support Pierson’s outlandish bias claim, but much to show that this is another political vendetta launched by one of the most ambitious politicians in the area.

Pierson’s thin court papers were signed by the DA’s right hand, Jim Clinchard, who, with Pierson, were both among the biggest backers of attorney Joe Hoffman against Judge Sullivan in last year’s judicial election. It was one of the nastiest judicial races in this county’s history, though not as ugly as the one also waged on behalf of Hoffman in an earlier judicial election against Judge Warren Stracener. [Ok, so the Mountain Democrat’s endorsements were also on the wrong side both times too.]

The “peremptory challenge” rule cited by the DA proscribes that a judge is to step aside “when it is established as provided in this section that the judge or court commissioner is prejudiced against a party or attorney or the interest of a party or attorney appearing in the action or proceeding.” But instead of prejudice or bias, the Clinchard document alleges that the county “has a custom and practice” of judges handling courtroom 7 matters sending them to other judges for trial, and not retaining them, except in the case of Phillip and Nancy Garrido.

What? No rule, no statute, no case law, just one lawyer’s vague anecdotal notion about some “procedure or practice”? Sorry, but it is judges, not folklore from DA’s, who have the right and duty to manage their calendars. Court schedules and court calendars are governed by judges, not politicians. Yes, the same inherent judicial authority used when a judge in Division 7 a few years ago chose to retain for trial the Garrido case, something Pierson did not object to at that time.

Vern Pierson lost a race for legislative office a few years ago and then ran for DA like a consolation prize and is now widely reported to be ready to run for Assemblywoman Beth Gaines seat once she makes her expected run against Supervisor Ron “Mik” Mikulaco. You want to know what is behind Pierson’s extraordinary attack on a sitting judge, follow the money; look at the campaign contributions for an idea about Pierson’s motive. See whether one the biggest if not the biggest contributor to the campaigns of Pierson, Hoffman and Gaines are the same. That’s just for starters. Keep looking.

Imagine the chilling impact on judges in this community when a politically motivated District Attorney can get away with this kind of unilateral slam. The origin of the phrase “peremptory challenge” — a very old legal term — means that a reason does not have to be stated. And the DA”s office did NOT give any reasons to reporters or in court papers. As a public official, Vern Pierson owes the public a detailed statement about the specific facts he had in mind. The integrity and independence of the judiciary, the very meaning of justice in this community, deserves no less than a full and honest explanation.

SOURCE: http://molosyndicate.com/3/1-1528

Kirk Smith Explains DA Peirson’s Underhanded Move re Judge Dylan Sullivan

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2015-09-04, 06:09:48  PLACERVILLE CA

— CHARLET NALBACH BURCIN of El Dorado Hills wrote:

The Honorable Dylan Sullivan was elected by this county’s voters by an overwhelming majority. For her to be removed suddenly, without warning, from proceedings in Department 7 by District Attorney officials is a travesty of justice.

Do you really think that the voters are going to stand by the District Attorney’s Office’s decision without demanding a clear explanation? You may cite your California Civil Code 170.6 as the reason — bias toward the attorney, district attorney or other party. What is the real reason? Does this have anything to do with Vern Pierson?

I hope the Honorable Dylan Sullivan appeals this “movement” against her so that we as El Dorado County residents are able to get to the truth and to the real story going on behind the scenes.

— Then Kirk Callan Smith responded:

Hi Charlet,

Your outrage about Vern Pierson’s spitefully nasty political attack on a distinguished judge is certainly in order. But your suggestion that the judge “appeal” Pierson’s action is not an option. She can’t. The Rule 170.6 “peremptory challenge” does not allow for an appeal, no response of any kind; it operates automatically just by having been filed. The rules of judicial ethics also prevents the judge from making public comment, a fact that makes Pierson’s gutless move all the more despicable.

The remedies, therefore, have to be pursued by the rest of us. They include such things as the public sending more letters like yours, groups picketing Pierson’s office, starting a recall campaign now made even easier by recent laws, and calling on the Mountain Democrat’s editorial board to insist that Vern Pierson reveal whatever facts he has to support his very vile defamatory smear — which Pierson cannot do since such facts do not exist — or for him to withdraw the challenge. Voters deserve an honest, competent District Attorney, not the appearance of a political hack.

Yes, demand that the Mountain Democrat speak up for the integrity and independence of our local judiciary. This paper has to stop being a mouthpiece for incumbents, to either stop remaining silent about political sleaze or stop wondering why its news pages and subscription numbers continue to decline. This paper, deeply afraid of controversy, sits on a great many important stories, including this one. We can insist on more.

A number of local lawyers privately call Pierson’s action pure politics and say this drama came about when he continued to find that Judge Sullivan could not be pushed around by his office. The fact that Pierson’s office has considerable discretion when it comes to who to charge and the kind of plea deals that can be made, sadly can make silence a safe choice for any lawyer wishing to pay their bills. Members of the county bar, so small it can seem like a club, have to speak up as well, and very strongly, about the latest Pierson fiasco since it can reflect so poorly on the entire legal community as well.

The public needs a strong and independent judiciary as well as a prosecutor that operates with the highest standards of the legal professional and not like a political opportunist guided by an aggressive thirst for higher office. and the apparent power of campaign contributions.

“History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid,” President Eisenhower once said. And if the people of this county want a judicial system that is truly fair and just, free of bias and political taint, it will not come about by silence but rather by vigilance and protest.

Kirk Callan Smith, Placerville, California

SOURCE: http://molosyndicate.com/3/1-1548

Justice for Jerry! The city (So. Lake Tahoe) has not responded to the outcry from the public about the miscarriage of justice and failure to defend our elders in South Lake Tahoe.

jerry 3Justice for Jerry!

The city has not responded to the outcry from the public about the miscarriage of justice and failure to defend our elders in South Lake Tahoe.

In fact they have ignored them. This is not about revenge or anger..this is about justice, Justice for Jerry.

I have the officers involved names and badge numbers but we will save them for court and a jury trial. We have the police report and the complaint filed with the city to present. Look over the whole blog and let your conscious speak for itself. Jerry is still recovering from his injuries and is looking to sell his hotel and leave the city as he is no longer safe with the police refusing to uphold the law and criminals who are protected for their violent crimes by being police informants. The informant denied he was an informant and that he had done any wrong doing.

He made slanderous attacks at my wife and Jerry. We offered to present any proofs he had but of course he never responded. You can see the back and forth below these blogs in the comments section. We will be posting the police report as well as the police record admitting a battery but no arrest. We still offer to post any response from anyone who has information which contradicts this blog. We have found plenty of proof and supporting evidence for these claims and welcome any challengers including the city to respond. We will post their responses.

Stay tuned for the police report and other vital documents.

Posted by Mike Barnhart at 1:53 PM No comments:


Saturday, March 22, 2014


How does Elder abuse fly with you? How does conspiracy within the South Lake Tahoe Police department sit with you? Jerry Morey is a seventy-four year old South Lake Tahoe Hotel owner who has been denied city services and singled out for discrimination and retaliation for demanding his rights be protected. Before we dive into this over the next few days lets take a look of the results of his assault and battery which the police say is not eve a crime and 911 claimed was not an emergency! (dispatch is related to officers)

jerry 2

Here is the results of Jerry being beaten without cause.

Does anybody think for one second that this is not a crime? Would the SLTPD and City deny this was a crime had it happened to say Jerry Birdwell the ex city Mayor who also owns a hotel in town? Would they have denied him his rights had poor Jerry been a rich man? Had he had connections in th city government? Had he not tried to collect rent from a police informant? Why would the South Lake Tahoe Police arrest his abuser, drive him across the street and let him go? If I or you had done this to Jerry would Jerry be denied justice?

    Lets hear from Jerry himself what has happened.

“I am the owner and manager of Tahoe Lakeside Lodge in South Lake Tahoe, California and I had tenants staying in Building 1 Unit 2 that came to me saying they were going to move out since they had no heat or electricity in their unit and that they had two children who were freezing cold due to the breaker being shut off by the tenant Mark Supica staying next door to them in Building 1 Unit 1.

The breaker that controls the electricity for Building 1 is located in Unit 1 of that building. So I went over to Supica’s unit and knocked on his door. Supica answered and I politely asked if I could enter his unit to reset the breaker since the tenants next door had no heat or electricity. Supica refused to let me reset the breaker, so I asked if he would reset the breaker so Building 1 would have heat and electricity and so the tenants next door to Supica would not freeze and leave the hotel Supica once again refused to reset the breaker or to allow me to reset the breaker and he started yelling at me. Continue reading

Who makes more money, Governor Jerry Brown or South Lake Tahoe Cops and DA Vern Pierson?

jerry brownJerry Brown, governor of California, is paid $173,981 annually.
El Dorado DA Vernon Pierson made $258,220.12 DA Vern Pierson




  • SLTPD Chief BRIAN UHLER made $224,117.93
  • SLTPD SGT. JEFFREY REAGAN made $227,505.72
  • SLTPD SGT. PHILLIP WILLIAMS made $215,920.66
  • SLTPD LIE. DAVID O STEVENSON made $210,653.85


See More here: https://sltpdwatch.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/all-2012-salaries-for-south-lake-tahoe-police-and-others/

South Lake Tahoe Police Officers Laney and Wilson caught up in filing false affidavits

Police Chief Brian Uhler pictured. South Lake Tahoe residents and tourists were shocked last year when former South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland was sentenced to 18 months in prison for similar fabrication, falsification and corruption committed by Officers Laney and Wilson.

See El Dorado County News Story here: Protest Expected Against Tahoe Police And County DA

 Chris, Thanks for posting the story about the shenanigans on this new trumped-up charge on me by the SLTPD. The DMV had to “reserve” me the notice my license would be suspended because of the “improper service” …Let’s just call it perjury since the form itself say “signed under the penalty of perjury” and Sgt. Shannon Laney committed perjury by signing a false statement there and on the reports along with Cody Willson.

I want to file a complaint and criminal charges against Sgt. Laney and Officer Wilson and the SLTPD tells me I need to go to their main office in So. Lake Tahoe – in person to file the “Internal Affairs” form… First of all, I live 3 hours away and I don’t have my license because of the fraud committed by Laney and Wilso. Secondly, I DO NOT want to be around the SLTPD or their corrupt cops so they can harass me more and tase me and jail me on another trumped-up charge. If I go, I am bringing the “worlds largest CRIME SCENE tape” and protesting the SLTPD and demanding Laney and Wilson are FIRED!!!!!! Happy New Year


Lake Tahoe cop watchers

South Lake Tahoe Police Officers Laney and Wilson caught up in filing false affidavits and fabricating false DUI arrests.

south lake tahoe police department

South Lake Tahoe Officer Shannon Laney rides his corruption mobile and writing false affidavits “under the penalty of perjury”

Stay tuned as this story develops and as we await comments from South Lake Tahoe Chief Brian Uhler and El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson to see if criminal charges will be filed against the perpetrators Officers Laney and Wilson.

South Lake Tahoe residents and tourists were shocked last year when former South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland was sentenced to 18 months in prison for similar conduct.

In 2013 the South Lake Tahoe and the El Dorado District Attorney Vern Pierson were the subject of a protest and a series of negative news reports.

Residents protest South Lake Tahoe police

scandalCorrupt law enforcement in South Lake Tahoe?

That’s what some people believe. And they took to the streets Monday to make their feelings known. Ty Robben organized the Jan. 28 demonstration along Al Tahoe Boulevard. Robben’s issues started last fall when bounty hunters busted down his door. He’s been waiting for the South Lake Tahoe cops to finish the report. He even went to the City Council meeting last week to plead the electeds to intervene to speed up the process.

El Dorado County District Attorney

In 2013 the South Lake Tahoe and the El Dorado District Attorney Vern Pierson were the subject of a protest and a series of negative news reports of rampant malicious & vexatious prosecutions against political “enemies” of DA Vern Pierson. Other complaints of “cover-ups” and “selective prosecution” prompted more protests. The protests continue going into 2015 with El Dorado County residents preparing for a RECALL of their corrupt and scandalous DA Vern Pierson.


 A similar situation occurred in Southern California:


October 3, 2012 6:23 AM

First of five parts

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” That’s how Charles Dickens opened his epic novel of turmoil in England and France on the brink of revolution. In 1775 those two crime-ridden capitals couldn’t have been more different and yet more alike.

Today two cities exist in the state of California only 90 miles apart. Both are governed by identical drunken driving laws and yet their treatment of police officers suspected of committing the identical crimes of perjury and filing false statements couldn’t be more different.


In each case, investigations were commenced when drivers, suspected by the police of driving under the influence were pulled over, subjected to field sobriety tests and then arrested. In each case, the charges were dropped as a result of police conduct. And in each case the arresting officer who filed the police report was a decorated DUI cop having won awards from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The difference is that in Los Angeles, LAPD officers Craig Allen and Phillip Walters are facing charges punishable by up to four years and eight months in state prison, while in Santa Barbara, as far as the public knows, Officer Kasi Beutel has never been suspended, cited or subjected to any misconduct proceedings.

She remains on the job and in uniform – and on Jan. 28, she was promoted to beat coordinator.

// //

Further, she has received nothing but praise or support from the police chief and multiple officials including the District Attorney’s Office, three Superior Court judges, and the city attorney.
Continue reading

Pissed-off citizens from Tahoe to Placerville form political PAC called Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption

vern pierson is as corrupt as hellPissed-off citizens of El Dorado County, CA consisting of the west slope area of Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Georgetown, Shingle Springs, Fair Play, Pollock Pines, Camino and all the way to South Lake Tahoe have formed political PAC called Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption or COVAC.info to take on local county corruption.

Citizens are outraged to learn of the escalating wrongdoings, eyebrow raising salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, double dipping, and vendettas by county officials primarily in the El Dorado County District Attorney office under the watch of Vern Pierson and William “Bill” Clark.

Please see the full story here: http://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/el-dorado-county-ca-pissed-off-citizens-form-political-pac-called-committee-of-vigilance-against-corruption/

Ted Long, former Lake Tahoe city council member and foreperson of the El Dorado County Grand Jury – Says “Rights for one equals rights for all”

We were inspired by the local South Lake Tahoe Mountain News guest editorial written by Ted Long. Original story is found here  – http://www.mountainnews.net/201301/#/24

Ted Long, former Lake Tahoe city council member and foreperson of the El Dorado County Grand Jury – Says “Rights for one equals rights for all”

Ted Long

Ted Long

When you ask most people, “what is the Cost of freedom?” They will answer war, defending our country and our way of life.
While this is certainly true, it must be remembered that even a dictator will go to war to defend his power. Others mention taxes as the cost of freedom. While this argument may be defended. it is more accurate to say taxes finance the benefits and opportunity ties of freedom, and again, even repressive societies have taxes. If we examine history and the nature of freedom, it becomes apparent that freedom is really the ability of each of us to a life without fear from the very people we appoint or elect to protect us — the firewall between the citizens and the army  for example, with the elected president the commander-in-chief of the military.

In a very real way, our police, our district attorneys ,our judges and those others sworn to enforce the laws  – are a closer threat to our freedom.

Take the police. for example. If they could be used to arrest. and detain innocent people just because the official does not like them and is threatened by them or sees some opportunity for power. then the individual is really at their mercy.

The Eastern world today is going to the streets, risking death for these very rights. No,  I contend that the real cost of freedom is the enforcement of our basic Bill of Rights,  in particular the Fifth Amendment that gives each of us the right to a speedy trial, the right to an attorney, the right to bail and the right against self-incrimination. Without these rights. there is no freedom . The power goes to the force with the guns, those that control the process. Hitler, for example, saw this clearly in his takeover of Germany in 1936. He knew that if he did not get control of  the police and the courts. he would have no chance. Remember Germany at the time was the home of some of the brightest, smartest people on the planet. They gave us rockets, Einstein and the atomic bomb.

The problem in our country  is not a Hitler, it is that we have had these rights for a long time and we take them for granted. Most people will not admit it,  but they do believe that if a person is arrested, they must be guilty, when in fact our basic rights say, “innocent until proven guilty.” A jury does not say ” innocent,” they say ” not guilty” in acquitting someone. In other words. the burden is not the crime alleged, but the ability to prove it, lawfully.

Occasionally we arc upset by the video of a Rodney King police beating or the conviction of a police officer for forcing sex on a female during II traffic stop in the back of his squad car. but for the most part we fail to notice when our chosen officials abuse their power.

One of the most well-known cases, Arizona vs. Miranda, clearly let a probably guilty man free, because the authorities abused his rights and the court made it clear that the process docs matter, and that the freedom of one man is the cost of freedom for all of us. They recognized that it’s easy to force a confession or to detain someone until they confess. Think about it, when a person disappears into the system, do you really know what’s true?

Literally hundreds of inmates are currently being released because of the new science of DNA that shows their innocence. What if one was you?
Gino DeMatteo is a current example. The district attorney, Vern Pierson, ignored pleas from his attorney to sit down and talk, he ignored offers  of cooperation and instead spent tens of thousands of taxpayer money in a failed attempt to destroy Mr. DeMatteo.

He sent over 20 heavily armed officers to his place of business to make an arrest for a non violent crime, when Gino’s attorney offered to cooperate and would have surrendered him at no cost, he sent the SWAT team to search an empty house.

He already had the owners in jail.  He threw a bomb into the house without regard to the presence of innocent people. He imprisoned him in Placerville, 50 miles away. when there is a jail blocks away in South Lake Tahoe only to raise the cost and difficulty of his defense.  He made bail as difficult as possible and to top it of, arrested his wife and held her for
three days over a holiday weekend, releasing her with no charges only because she refused to speak badly about her husband.

And, as predicted,  all charges were dismissed, but only after the reputations of two citizens were destroyed and the taxpayers spend thousands of dollars on Mr. Pierson’s vendetta.  Even worse, in my opinion, is the reaction of so many citizens, that Gino must be guilty, so let’s not question the authorities. Questioning, that is the responsibility, the source of freedom.

The district attorney has refused to comment, to explain, to offer any proof of his charges.  At best he says. “the investigation is on going.” I don’t believe him. There is no investigation.

There was no case to start with,  I know the feds are now involved,  but their charges have nothing to do with the district attorneys. Their case is totally independent and based on different facts.
No,  the fact is the district attorney dismissed because he had no case and his only reaction was to accuse me of some political agenda, which I don’t have but even if I did, so what?

He can not abuse his office this way. The people of Egypt are in the streets, risking their lives for these basic rights. We are asleep, under the blanket, “That it will not a happen to me” theory. Don’t be to sure,  and there is the money lost when the government is broke.

Ted Long is a former Lake Tahoe city council member and was foreperson of the  El Dorado County Grand Jury. He served as chairman of LAFO and is a past president of the League of California Cities Sacramento division 

El Dorado County Grand Jury – what is it?

The grand jurors’ view: What is a grand jury?

Source: http://www.mtdemocrat.com/opinion/the-grand-jurors-view-what-is-a-grand-jury/

El Dorado County Grand Jury.

Where did it come from, what does it do and how does it work?  Many citizens have a limited understanding of their county grand jury.

Hopefully, you will find this introductory article about your county grand jury informative. It was prepared by members of the El Dorado County Grand Jurors Association, a volunteer organization of current and former California grand jurors.

My Turn Mug  Chuck MacLean Democrat photo by Pat DollinsMy Turn Mug Chuck MacLean Democrat photo by Pat Dollins

Our association’s purpose is to support the grand jury process and provide educational information to all residents of El Dorado County. We thank the Mountain Democrat and its affiliates for distributing periodic articles under the banner, “The grand jurors’ view.” We invite all readers to look for future updates.

The grand jury first started in the 12th century in England to serve the king.  Through the centuries, it grew into protecting ordinary citizens against those that governed. Our country’s first formal grand jury was established in Massachusetts in 1635 and the concept soon spread to all colonies and expanded to include civil oversight of government by the late 1600s.

The U.S. Constitution first referenced the grand jury upon enactment of its Fifth Amendment, which notes indictment by a grand jury to answer for capital or otherwise infamous crimes.

The California Constitution has always recognized county grand juries and the reference remains today in Article 1, Section 23. Since 1851 the state Legislature has granted authority for the grand jury, which is found today in the California Penal Code under Sections 888-939. Early California laws allowed grand juries to inquire into public prisons, later laws specified powers to investigate county government, and then further expansions included cities and special districts.

During the 1890s a number of California county grand juries, led by a widely publicized case in San Francisco, investigated and exposed major corruption in their local governments and gained the favor and strong backing of California voters.

After England abandoned its centuries-old grand jury system in 1933, many states moved to reform the authority of their grand juries and limit their oversight of government. While a number of states have some limited form of grand juries today, usually dedicated to criminal indictments, California continues with a fully functioning grand jury system.

California’s current grand jury system provides for regular grand juries in each of the state’s 58 counties, which are impaneled by the Superior Court once a year. The regular grand jury serves for one year and is primarily dedicated to oversight of all governmental agencies within a given county.

While the regular grand jury retains the legal power to cast indictments for criminal violations, the Superior Court in each county may also impanel an additional grand jury at the request of the district attorney to serve for a limited period of time to investigate specific allegations of criminal violations by one or more individuals.

California’s county grand jury system, providing a watchful check-and-balance on local government, is a powerful example of democracy in action unique not only to our country but the world today.

Chuck MacLean is president of the El Dorado County Grand Jurors Association. Contact him at EDCGJA@gmail.com or at PO Box 383, Placerville 95667.

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  • Pat HamerJanuary 26, 2013 – 12:01 pm

    Through the centuries, it grew into protecting ordinary citizens against those that governed. California laws… specified powers to investigate county government, and then further expansions included cities and special districts. Chuck, to finish your article, it should say: However, the above quotes are not tolerated in El Dorado County, and as a member of the Local Press, when our grand jury is asked to investigate, “… protecting ordinary citizens against those that governed” who are acting outside of the law,” We journalists, cannot take the objective unbiased approach, we must aid in “Fundamentally misconstruing facts,” in order that we do not get fired. For instance. Where is the story about Judge James Wagoner, the serial constituent molester, repeatedly found guilty of abuse of power by using County and State funds to torture, threaten, jail, steal assets of citizen. Was not he the so-called “Grand Jury Advisor?” Your article says, “Through the centuries, it [grand jury] grew into protecting ordinary citizens against those that governed. However, as you can see, “those that govern, such as James Wagoner, has infiltrated and made ineffective, the “protecting” part. Here is the Judicial Counsel article stating the perverted illegal crimes against “ordinary,” non criminal civil right activists. http://cjp.ca.gov/res/docs/public_admon/Wagoner_DO_9-13-11.pdf No wonder you rarely see African Americans in this county! These white bigots, eat their own young! In actuality, our precious United States of America, are only as corrupt as the press allows them to be. Hey, you know that monument at the end of Cedar Ravine and Main Street? It says it was dedicated by Druids? What’s all that about? Inquiring minds want to know! John F. Kennedy was talking about arbitrary external abuses of the press regarding the press, and “secret societies” prior to his assassination. How did the “arbitrary restrictions” become internalized?” Now the press voluntarily covers up open corruption, creating injustice in the outcomes of elections, that, if the truth be known, would possibly benefit all mankind, accept for you and your friend the MT (empty) democrat protect. JFK speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xhZk8ronces

SLTPD watch supports El Dorado (South Lake Tahoe) Sheriff John D’Agostini stand on U.S. Constitution

The El Dorado County sheriff has fired off an anti-gun control letter to Vice President Joe Biden.

Posted by admin in News on January 22nd, 2013 | 13 responses

 By Bill Lindelof, Sacramento Bee

The El Dorado County sheriff has fired off an anti-gun control letter to Vice President Joe Biden.

“It is well known and proven with facts, not emotional inference, that gun control of any kind, has no effect on the reduction of crime, anywhere,” wrote Sheriff John D’Agostini.

The letter, also sent out as a press release, was written to Biden Jan. 17.

Here is the El Dorado County sheriff’s letter to Biden.

The Obama administration is trying to get congressional support for a package of gun-control proposals, including an assault rifle ban. Biden helped formulate the proposals.

The gun control proposals come following the December shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school that left 20 children and six staffers dead.

El Dorado DA Vern Pierson discusses firearms and CCW laws:

biden letter



Source: http://www.laketahoenews.net/2013/01/el-dorado-county-sheriff-tells-biden-views-on-gun-control/