Ninth Circuit Panel Suggests Perjury Prosecution For Lying Prosecutors

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Prosecutors who suborn perjury may finally have to pay the piper

Judge Alex Kozinski (L), of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, pictured here in 2003 in San Francisco, has indicated that the judiciary is finally ready to stop prosecutors from lying and soliciting others to lie. (Paul Sakuma-Pool/Getty Images)

What will it take to produce honest and ethical conduct from our state and federal prosecutors? The Ninth Circuit has a suggestion. Perhaps a perjury prosecution will do it. In fact, that is exactly what should happen when prosecutors affirmatively lie.

This case, Baca v. Adams, involves a clear violation of the Supreme Court’s decisionin Napue, which holds that prosecutors cannot put on perjured testimony, much less lie themselves. Unfortunately, as I’ve documented elsewhere, it happens far toooften, when it should never happen at all.

In this case, the prosecution infected the case with false testimony–including by a prosecutor himself–over benefits given to a “cooperator” or a jailhouse “snitch.”

The entire program of “cooperation” is rife with problems. Prosecutors often put extraordinary pressure on the worst criminals, threatening not…

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One thought on “Ninth Circuit Panel Suggests Perjury Prosecution For Lying Prosecutors

  1. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Robin Anthony (Tony) Sears guilty of malicious prosecution, withholding evidence, falsifying evidence and creating and planting evidence I HAVE PROOF! Lori London Guilty of Attorney Malpractice, withholding evidence! I HAVE PROOF! NOBODY EVER DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

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