So. Lake Tahoe New Year’s Arrest Nearly Half of Prior Year

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Distracted Driver SLT

2016-01-04, 06:20:25 PLACERVILLE CA
As usual, the South Lake Tahoe Police Department bolstered our patrol staffing to meet the emergency response needs of our crowded City during the New Year celebration period. There were squads of officers patrolling the state line area, the Snow Globe festival and extra officers were also assigned to work patrol throughout the City. South Lake Tahoe was quite full with holiday revelers, and the number of calls for emergency police responses was consistent with recent past years. We are pleased to report there was a decrease in arrests as compared to last year. In fact, SLTPD squads made no arrests at all in the state line area last night related to the new year’s eve celebration.
So far this year, from the period of time between 12:01am on December 31st and noon of January 1st, the South Lake Tahoe Police Department has made 9 arrests throughout the City. SLTPD made 17 arrests over this same time period last year. Consistent with prior years, the majority of these were for either drunk and disorderly conduct in public or DUI. Some arrests also involved incidents of domestic violence and drug possession. These arrest numbers do not account for those made by allied law enforcement agencies, such as the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, but only those made by the South Lake Tahoe PD.
The totals for all three nights of Snow Globe:
5 for Intoxication
1 for Illegal Weapon (stun gun)
1 for Minor in Possession
1 for Trespass
8 Total Arrests
104—Minor in Possession of Alcohol
21—Open Container
15—False IDs
4—Furnishing Alcohol to a minor
3—Possession of Narcotics
2—Minor purchasing alcoholic beverage
1—Possession of Marijuana
1—Parking violation
169 Total Citations
Medical Transports from Snow Globe:
19 Total Medical Transports
Although the traffic was heavy throughout the City, the inconvenience posed to motorists was handled by most with patience and caution. The police did not investigate any traffic collisions resulting in serious injuries. SLTPD responded to many disturbance complaints throughout the City, and continue to be very busy on New Year’s Day, which is typical of this holiday period.
The SLTPD would like to thank our allied law enforcement agencies for the mutual aid they provided to us during the state line celebration and Snow Globe operations. These include the California Highway Patrol, The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the El Dorado County Sheriff Department, Cal-Trans, and our City Public Works Department and all of our Nevada allied agencies as wellfor their help in the California operational effort this year.
Please refer to the following page for a statistical reference about arrest trends in the City of South Lake Tahoe over the past several years.
City of South Lake Tahoe Police New Years Arrest Trends
The following arrest statistics represent every arrest the South Lake Tahoe Police Department has made, for any type of criminal offense, during New Year’s Eve through New Year’s Day over the past decade. The measured time frame encompasses 36 hours; from 12:01am on December 31st through noon on January 1st. Since the beginning of 2008, a clear trend indicates that the size and associated arrests generated by the celebration at the state line has gradually diminished. While the Snow Globe festival has generated multiple thousands of attendees over the past 5 years, it has not caused an overall uptick in arrest stats.


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