Pressure mounts to remove So. Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler

Brian Uhler

SLTPD Chief Brain Uhler may be forced out

SLTPD Chief Brain Uhler faces mounting criticism for covering up wrongdoing in the department by not allowing citizens and visitors to file complaints or “internal affairs” investigations against SLTPD officers. The complaints against officers including Sgt. Shannon Laney are used in Pitchess motions and the So. Tahoe Police are failing to include these by not filing or allowing people to file complaints. If a complaint never gets filed, it does not exist.

The Mayor and city counsel are being informed of the problem and residents are demanding a change in leadership.

A Pitchess motion is a request made by the defense in a California criminal case, such as a DUI case or a resisting arrest case, to access a law enforcement officer’s personnel information when the defendant alleges in an affidavit that the officer used excessive force or lied about the events

Stay tuned as this story develops.

5 thoughts on “Pressure mounts to remove So. Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler

  1. Judicial Reform Now! Starts at the top and trickles all the way down to law enforcement. We the People should also Revoke the ‘Policeman’s Bill of Rights” This is their ticket to get away with horrendous crimes against humanity no one in power should have a different ‘Bill of Rights” Than the people!


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  4. I tried to complain once after multiple corruption incidents.. I was told I’m lying and refused by Secretary at cop shop of putting out complaint. I’ve heard this happens all the time. I cussed the lady out and didn’t care if I faced arrest.

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