Reader comments: Judge Kingsbury is most certainly one of the most corrupted judges in the state why hasn’t the DOJ investigated them yet?


Judge Suzanne Kinsburry

Judge Kingsbury is most certainly one of the most corrupted judges in the state why hasn’t the DOJ investigated them yet? what will it take?

They are on a path of certain destruction, by malicious prosecution, attorney malpractice, falsifying, withholding, and planting evidence is their specialty are they getting kickbacks from the prison industry from all the innocent people they send to prison?

When you appeal and complain your appeal is supposed to go to an independent panel of 3 judges but it is sent back to the same judge who tried the case? They sent my son to prison for 6 years for protecting himself on his own property from a man with a gun trying to kill him? Was this guy with a gun Assistant DA Robin Anthony Sears’s best friend? why did they falsify and withhold evidence, why was malicious prosecution and personal grudges allowed? Why are Public Defenders like Lori London sabotaging their own clients cases? What the hell is going on here? Why wont anyone do anything about it????????? I seriously want answers!!!!!


South Lake Tahoe Superior Court is the most corrupt court in California they have sent thousands of innocent people to prison, when these people appeal instead of the appeals going through an independent panel of 3 it goes straight back to the corrupt judge who tried the case, corruption abounds my son was sentenced to 6 years without the possibility of parole and sabotaged by his own public defender for protecting himself in his own front yard when an armed criminal came to kill him how the hell is that justice? My son had just turned 18 the attacker was 24 Tony Sears withheld and falsified evidence and maliciously prosecuted my son on a personal grudge Mr. Sears admitted to our Attorney we had to hire after Lori London sabotaged her own clients case she told us to shut up stop sending her evidence, stop calling her that my son was going to prison for 6 years and there was nothing we could do about it, that was after his arraignment where she objected and when asked on what grounds she laughed out loud and said I don’t know? If you live in Tahoe GET OUT do whatever you have to leave that evil place before you find yourself in prison for protecting yourself from an armed criminal who happens to be friends with the Assistant DA very dangerous corrupt town!!!!




7 thoughts on “Reader comments: Judge Kingsbury is most certainly one of the most corrupted judges in the state why hasn’t the DOJ investigated them yet?

  1. I think El Dorado county is getting investigated, I personally handed evidence to the ousted judge Dylan Sullivan. She instead protected the judical officers that used public funds for their own personal bussiness deals prior to her elections. Sullivan them had records retracted. Paul Palant failed to protect me during a dependancy case. Lori London I know all too well. She is another one that will distort the facts for her personal gain. Public curruption at it’s finest using tax dollars to play monopoly. Let the dominos fall. Kingburry is for profit not for the people.

    • I hope they are being investigated I have made numerous complaints against Kingsbury, Robin Anthony Sears, and Lori London and they should be arrested for falsifying evidence, malicious prosecution, and attorney malpractice but they continue to cause absolute havoc on the People of South Lake Tahoe, they are the epitome of corruption! Lori London is seriously incompetent and should never be allowed in a courtroom! Tony Sears should be in prison and Kingsbury is guilty of Crimes against Humanity!

  2. Do not forget that el Dorado superior court is an llc. Its about making money. That court house is seriously corrupt. Just received my last set if documents from Loren gramne office. I adore Loren the only attorney IVs ever trusted. It appears that paralegals and tjisr with the magic fax machine can create more havoc then one could imagine. You try to find a criminal complaint and your blocked by scum bag Paul palant and bridgit matos. These peeps have no problem distorting the truth to line their pockets. That court house and their rubber stamp mill should be closed down. How many more victims get in noticed falsely accused with no recoarse. Kingsbury should step down, she obviously does not know what her special master Paul palant does behind the scenes. Lori London is vicious, her ex husband aides her behind the back robes of so called justice. How many officials does it take to see mass corruption. They are all in bed with each other. Bill cherry has a bit more class but make no mistake he too cares about the bottom line not justice.

  3. El Dorado County is the MOST Corrupt county I have ever seen and I haile from the South. Jeremy Meyers the former Superintendent has a hearing on 1 April 2016 for his latest DUI. An elected official who can circumvent public attention from his first DUI arrest in June 2015 and testified that he was an honest person at the trial against EDCOE in June 2015 is a person who deserves great scrutiny. DA Pierson allowed the family of an active duty Service Member to suffer by his office not enforcing the law and allowed a DUI suspect Jeremy Meyers to not be arrested and leaving the scene of his arrest with his spouse versus being taken to the county correctional facility and not allowing the arrest to be made public like all other DUI arrests. DA Pierson states on his website he is a veteran, if the current DA was under my command he would be relieved for cause and I would be establishing a convening authority to Court Martial him for utilizing his position to benefit his friend. Jeremy Meyers and Vern Pierson you will eventually be held accountable for your actions.

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