EDC DA Vern Pierson Blames a Single Person for His Recall

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Kill the Messenger

2015-12-04, 09:50:55 PLACERVILLE CA

In a stunning response to a community driven recall of El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson, the DA singles out one person as the blame for his recall as he avoids responding to any of the complaints in the recall document.  On its face it looks like an attack without merit that is intended to divert attention away from the issues that have prompted the recall.  The DA has decided to attack the most visible person, Cris Alarcon.  Alarcon has publicly objected to what he calls the DA’s “politicization” of an non-partisan law enforcement office for purposes of advantaging his political friends and damaging his political enemies.

When asked about the DA’s attack on his character Alarcon said, “It is laughable and flattering.  That Vern has elevated me to such status is odd since I have no real power other than the ability to communication with over 25,000 local residents nearly every day.  I guess it is really the power of information that Vern fears and his attack on me makes that clear,” said Alarcon.

“The utter absurdity of an ad hominem attack to defend himself from criticism of how he runs his office is an indication of the poor logic facilities of our DA, or of how little he thinks of the citizen’s.  I have never complained about the driving ticket and this is simply Vern’s attempt to divert attention away from his real problems, his own behavior. These are just diversions to avoid answering the complaint: his abuse of the office; his subversion of the voter’s will; the failure to prosecute his friends like Auditor Joe Harn or a hand-slap for Jeremy Meyers’ first DUI.  I will stand by my criticism of Vern but he will need to expand his ad hominem attack to include a nurse, a restaurant owner, a miner, at least two other elected officials, and even a sitting Superior Court Judge.”

Asked about how he will respond to the personal attack Alarcon responded, “I will not let this diversionary tactic work.  Not only will I publish my FPPC complaint about his factual lies in this official document, I will also publicize my soon to be filed civil complaint about the intentional lies and misrepresentations made in this political document. But I will do that separately. I am not spotless by any means but I take pride in my total works and only ask that others do as I do, judge people by their fruits.”  He adds that in the mean time he wanted to be the first to publish this letter from the DA and let the public draw their own conclusions. He added that, “it is a false narrative but over the course of years I have learned that the DA has no positive injunction to tell the truth.”

Here is the letter unedited:

For almost 9 years it’s been my honor to serve as your District Attorney. The men and women of El Dorado County Law Enforcement continue to admirably serve the People of this county. I am particularly proud of everyone in the District Attorney’s office. From holding murderers and other criminals accountable to building one of the first paperless prosecutor offices, they are second to none. Criminals however, don’t like to be held to account. 

After serving as chair of the county charter review committee Chris Alarcon was stopped by a Sheriff’s deputy. Alarcon gave the deputy an Arizona license and claimed to be an Arizona resident. The plate tag on his car was stolen from his elderly neighbor. His wife admitted he did it to avoid license and registration. My office convicted him of multiple charges including receiving stolen property, driving on a revoked license and false registration. Last year I was re-elected by a margin of 3 to 1. My opponent, a Placer County resident claimed to live with Alarcon. 


Now this vengeful criminal seeks to waste thousands of your tax dollars on this bogus recall campaign. Don’t be conned by this criminal! 

Filed with the Elections Department on Nov. 30, 2015 by District Attorney Vern Pierson in response to a recall filing.

Also see: http://inedc.com/1-8739 [In a Stunning Rebuke of DA’s Charges, Jury find Dellinger & Alarcon Not Guilty of all charges]


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