Massive CRIME SCENE at the Reno Federal Courthouse – The 7th Amendment protest resumes…

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

7th amendment, seventh amendment, Reno, Reno federal court, Miranda Du, Brian Brown lawyer, brian brown attorney, thorndal, ty robben, Reno Federal Courthouse protest by Ty Robben who demands his day in court

Today August 19, 2015 Ty Robben resumed his protest at the Reno Federal Courthouse in Reno, Nevada. Ty Robben want’s his day in court and has argued that the use of Summary Judgment also called FRCP 56 is unconstitutional and a violation of the 7th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The protests seem to have had a positive affect, the court has responded very quickly in denying the Defendants Carson City et al latest delay tacit. Reno Federal District Court Judge Miranda Du denied Reno Attorney Brian Brown of the unscrupulous Reno law firm thorndal armstrong delk balkenbush & eisinger

Miranda Du, Brian Browm, reno, nevada,federal courthouse, crime scene, ty robben, thorndal armstrong delk balkenbush & eisinger, Reno Federal Court turns into a CRIME SCENE

Miranda Du, Reno federal courthouse, Reno Federal court protest

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