Help Ty Robben at and support the 7th Amendment protest coming to Reno Nevada August 2015.

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Help support the 7th Amendment protest coming to Reno Nevada August 2015.

Reno Nevada resident Ty Robben plans to demonstrate in the very near future about the Reno Federal Court and in particular, Judge Miranda Du’s use of summary judgement to dismiss certain causes of action in his civil rights lawsuit against various Carson City officials including former disgraced DA Neil Rombardo , his corrupt assistant DA Mark Krueger and corrupt Carson City justice of the peace “judge” John Tatro.

“I plan to stay in front of the Reno courthouse with my signs until I get my day in court” says Robben.

Ty Robben needs funding to bring “The WORLDS LARGEST CRIME SCENE TAPE” to the Reno Federal Couthouse where he want’s to display the signs ans use his 1st Amendnt rights to protest the violation of his 7th Amendment rights. See previous KOLO news story here:

Miranda Du judge, Ty Robben says…

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