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Officer involved in fatal South Lake Tahoe shooting of unarmed man is identified as Joshua Klinge

Reported by: Van Tieu

kris jacksonSOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. ( & KRNV) — News 4 has learned the name of the officer involved in a fatal shooting in South Lake Tahoe in June.

Officer Joshua Klinge is on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues, according to South Lake Tahoe police Lieutenant Brian Williams, who confirmed the name Tuesday. This after an attorney for the victim’s family filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

Klinge is under investigation after fatally shooting Kris Jackson, 22, at the Tahoe Hacienda Inn hotel. Jackson, who was on criminal probation, was found to be unarmed.

According to attorney correspondence, the city of South Lake Tahoe is represented by attorney, Bruce Praet, who has built a reputation defending police officers and departments sued for alleged misconduct.

Praet has defended Officer Klinge  before in a civil matter involving a May 2007 officer involved shooting in Ceres, California. The case was settled and dismissed.

According to court documents, Klinge was not the shooting officer in the Ceres case. He was a field training officer at the time.   The plaintiff, Kenya Kwame Moseley, survived and stated the officers exercised an unwarranted and unlawful use of lethal force.

Ceres police officer, James Yandell, shot Moseley in the shoulder and lower back as he was trying to climb a fence after a chase, according to the lawsuit. Mosley was unarmed at the time, and claimed he turned with his hands raised to surrender, but Yandall continued to shoot him, striking him in the arm and abdomen.

Yandell contended the use of force was justified as the man ignored commands to stop, was found to have illegal narcotics on his person, and was seen reaching for his waistband, which Yandell believed could have been a weapon. The defense also added that Moseley was found to have illegal narcotics in his pantspocket and was later found guilty of felony evading and possession of narcotics.