Former El Dorado County Deputy District Attorney Arrested for DUI – AGAIN !

2015-06-02, 16:54:26 PLACERVILLE CA
On the Holiday of May 31st 2015, Gloria M. Mas, 51, was arrested for DUI according to jail logs.  She was arrested for 23152(F) and was given a bail enhancement.  She has since been released on bail.
Gloria M. Mas might be best known for her arrest in the summer of 2011 at her workplace, the El Dorado County District Attorney’s office.  At the time Ms. Mas was, 47, of El Dorado Hills and a Deputy District Attorney under Vern Pierson.  The El Dorado County prosecutor allegedly drove to work intoxicated with a blood alcohol readings of 0.124 and 0.126 at the time of her arrest that July.
Mas was placed under arrest in District Attorney Vern Pierson’s personal office, after failing four sobriety tests conducted by a CHP officer. The officer had responded to the DA’s Office after being called out by another CHP officer who works as an investigator at the office. That officer reported he saw Mas drive her BMW into the parking lot and later, along with others in the office, witnessed her display signs and symptoms of intoxication. When the responding officer met with Mas in Pierson’s office, he states in the report that he detected a strong odor of alcohol from her breath, as well as red/watery eyes and slightly-slurred speech.
At the time the El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson said any potential prosecution in the case would be handled by the California Attorney General’s office to avoid a conflict of interest.
“Everyone is accountable for their conduct regardless of whom they are or where they work,” Pierson said in a statement in 2011.
In 2011 her bail was $2,500 for her DUI but this time her bail went up to $10,000 for her DUI.  In addition she was assessed a “Bail Enhancement” of another $2,500.
Mas posted bail this week and was released from custody.
Gloria Maria Mas has a Bar # 132429 that list her current employment at 515 Main St., Placerville, CA 95667.  That is the address of the District Attorney for El Dorado County.  Her current employment status is unconfirmed.  Gloria Mas was unavailble for comment but he websites has this: “I left the District Attorney’s Office in El Dorado County in 2013 to become criminal law defense attorney.” “Although I have vast experience in all crimes, the majority of the cases I have handled involve alcohol and/or drug related offenses.”

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