Secret Masonic Police Busted! Protecting & Serving Lucifer For 3000 Years

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Pete Santilli brings to light the curious arrest of (3) FreeMason’s in Santa Clarita California, who entered the police station dressed like Law Enforcement carrying guns, badges, and announcing they were the real police.
When the Santa Clarita Police Chief investigated they found badges, identification cards, weapons, uniforms, police type vehicles, and other law enforcement equipment. The three have been connected to California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and CBS2’s Jennifer Kastner found pictures believed to be of suspects Henry and Kiel rubbing elbows with Congresswoman Maxine Waters in 2012. The following year, they are shown with LAPD officials asking for calm following the George Zimmerman verdict.
While researching this story The Santilli Research Team (TSRT) also connected the Freemason (FOP) to the Baltimore Police DEPT.

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