Victim says her rights were violated in Truckee carjacking case

Corruption-Arrow-Sign1-630x286NEVADA CITY, Calif. ( & KRNV) — The alleged carjacking suspect from an October Truckee incident took a plea deal and was sentenced to 180 days in custody and three years supervised probation.

The victim in the case, Rebecca Oestreich of Truckee, says her rights were violated by the plea deal.

“I, personally, am very frustrated,” says Oestreich. “I feel like this man walked free after attempting to kill me.”

Oestreich was the second of two people police say Jones targeted on October 28th of last year.

He was initially charged with assault with force likely to produce bodily injury, battery on an officer, possession of marijuana and vandalism.

Jones eventually pleaded no contest to the assault charge in exchange for the 180 days and probation.

Oestreich says she didn’t know about the deal before it was agreed to.

“She should have been informed prior,” says Attorney Nina Salarno Ashford. “She should have had the right to discuss, place her feelings, even go to court and place her feelings on the record should it have been necessary.”

California’s Marsy’s Law gives victims the right to notification of all court proceedings.

Nevada County Assistant District Attorney Glenn Jennings started at the District Attorney’s office two weeks ago.

“To try and clean that up and clear it up and bring the victim back into the fold, I asked the court to reject the plea and put the defended back in the not guilty status,” says Jennings.

Salarno says it is difficult to remove a plea deal once it is agreed to.

On Friday, the court allowed Oestreich to testify and speak to Jennings about the plea arrangement before sentencing Jones.

“We’re going to change the process, were going to do a lot more outreach to the victims,” says Jennings. “Bring them into the fold, make sure they understand everything that’s going on.”


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