How to File an Effective Complaint Against a Police Officer

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The Art of Complaining
How to File an Effective Complaint Against a Police Officer

south lake tahoe police departmentIntroduction

A lot of citizens struggle with writing an effective complaint about a police officer.  Often, the writer lets too much emotion enter into the complaint, and it then comes across as more driven by emotion than fact, more unreasonable than objective, or just generally easier for the police agency to minimize or ignore.  

(Indignation and outrage are good things to communicate, but name-calling should definitely be avoided.)  

Another common mistake is to draft a statement of the events without making it clear what the actual complaint is!  In any case, I wanted to provide a few tips to maximize the impact of a complaint on behalf of the aspiring complainer.

What Do I Mean By “Effective?”
Well, effectiveness is a loaded term, and depends somewhat on the intent of your complaint.  bad cop

Fortunately, the same techniques apply whether…

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