A cop is far more likely to be sued than shot — the prospect of a cop facing criminal charges for simply doing their job is increasingly common

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Federal Civil Rights Investigations. Title 42, Section 1983. Internal Affairs Investigations. Civilian Police Review Boards. Each of the above phrases can bring fear to most police officers — and they should. In today’s litigious society, with more than 1,000,000 lawyers scrambling for a slice of the settlement pie, your odds of being sued are greater than your odds of getting shot. But lately, a more disturbing trend has started to emerge. Perpetrators are filing criminal charges against officers instead of, or in addition to, civil suits.

Here — in part one of this two-part piece — we’ll take a look at these legal threats by evaluating four recent cases. In part two — appearing on April 13, right in the middle of the ILEETA Conference — we’ll discuss some strategies to combat this emerging danger.

More (and More) Frequent Cases
I recently returned from testifying in federal criminal…

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