Good Cops: El Dorado Co. Sheriff Ends another Stand-Off without firing a Bullet, Residents Praise Sheriff’s Work

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

It ended 12 hours after it started but not without burning a house down.  During and after neighbors to the dangerous stand-off with a wanted man expressed frustration about the noise, and danger of the stand-off that included long range sniper, but hours into the stand-off locals were not complaining about the delays and dangers, but were glowing in compliments for the work our dedicated law enforcement was doing on a cold January night.

The Details:

On Thursday morning Sheriff’s deputies served an arrest warrant at a residence near Black’s lane off of Cold Springs road between the Golf Course and the Water Treatment plant.  But things did not go well and soon reinforcements arrived including CHP, Fire Medics, and SWAT.  A fleet of law enforcement was stage at the Water Treatment plant and soon Cold Springs road was closed.

At about…

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