Local Miwok Claims Indian War Continues in El Dorado County “The problem starts here in El Dorado County with BOSS 5 & conspiring DA’s office whom continue to violate there fiduciary obligations to the Miwok fathers, mothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers & our Children.”

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Cesar Caballero, Chief at Miwok Nation, El Dorado, Ca writes:

I can see Blue Sky’s, I can see Stars today.

The sky is beautiful even though I come from the American Indian descendants & survivors of El Dorado Indian War After these here so called wars, which were more like Massacre’s to peaceful people.

The county paid for God knows how many of our scalps, but it took two expeditions to murder & guns us down!

And still we fought, and settled contracts, & rights to ours lands, our water. Contracts were signed.

Actually disguised the contracts as treaties of peace without an intention of ever complying and never have. Our lovely ‪#‎ELDORADOCOUNTY‬ BOS 5 and all of there constituents suppress and are killing off the Children of the survivors of those Children.

All the Miwok men, Licenses suspended, our children suffering a sick welfare system. 1/4 & 1/8 will…

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