‘This Is What Happens When You Call the Cops’ Rap: Catchy, True, Sad But True

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Earlier this year, a little-known rapper who goes by the monicker “Rob Hustle” released a song that’s quickly racking up views on Youtube. Titled ‘Call the Cops,’ it’s a catchy tune, but a depressing catalogue of some of the most prominent recent abuses committed by law enforcement in recent years.

Hustle warns that when you call the cops, you often put your own life at risk. It’s a problem thatReason readers are certainly familiar with. His music video shows countless clips of officers punching, pepper spraying, and otherwise brutalizing people.

The rapper issued a press release to accompany the song:

Increasing militarization of police in our country is becoming a threat to life and liberty. Laws are supposed to help and protect people. But when those laws – and the people that enforce them – become the danger, then someone must raise their voice. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?…

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Local Miwok Claims Indian War Continues in El Dorado County “The problem starts here in El Dorado County with BOSS 5 & conspiring DA’s office whom continue to violate there fiduciary obligations to the Miwok fathers, mothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers & our Children.”

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Cesar Caballero, Chief at Miwok Nation, El Dorado, Ca writes:

I can see Blue Sky’s, I can see Stars today.

The sky is beautiful even though I come from the American Indian descendants & survivors of El Dorado Indian War After these here so called wars, which were more like Massacre’s to peaceful people.

The county paid for God knows how many of our scalps, but it took two expeditions to murder & guns us down!

And still we fought, and settled contracts, & rights to ours lands, our water. Contracts were signed.

Actually disguised the contracts as treaties of peace without an intention of ever complying and never have. Our lovely ‪#‎ELDORADOCOUNTY‬ BOS 5 and all of there constituents suppress and are killing off the Children of the survivors of those Children.

All the Miwok men, Licenses suspended, our children suffering a sick welfare system. 1/4 & 1/8 will…

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South Lake Tahoe Police Officers Laney and Wilson caught up in filing false affidavits

Police Chief Brian Uhler pictured. South Lake Tahoe residents and tourists were shocked last year when former South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland was sentenced to 18 months in prison for similar fabrication, falsification and corruption committed by Officers Laney and Wilson.

See El Dorado County News Story here: Protest Expected Against Tahoe Police And County DA

 Chris, Thanks for posting the story about the shenanigans on this new trumped-up charge on me by the SLTPD. The DMV had to “reserve” me the notice my license would be suspended because of the “improper service” …Let’s just call it perjury since the form itself say “signed under the penalty of perjury” and Sgt. Shannon Laney committed perjury by signing a false statement there and on the reports along with Cody Willson.

I want to file a complaint and criminal charges against Sgt. Laney and Officer Wilson and the SLTPD tells me I need to go to their main office in So. Lake Tahoe – in person to file the “Internal Affairs” form… First of all, I live 3 hours away and I don’t have my license because of the fraud committed by Laney and Wilso. Secondly, I DO NOT want to be around the SLTPD or their corrupt cops so they can harass me more and tase me and jail me on another trumped-up charge. If I go, I am bringing the “worlds largest CRIME SCENE tape” and protesting the SLTPD and demanding Laney and Wilson are FIRED!!!!!! Happy New Year


Lake Tahoe cop watchers

South Lake Tahoe Police Officers Laney and Wilson caught up in filing false affidavits and fabricating false DUI arrests.

south lake tahoe police department

South Lake Tahoe Officer Shannon Laney rides his corruption mobile and writing false affidavits “under the penalty of perjury”

Stay tuned as this story develops and as we await comments from South Lake Tahoe Chief Brian Uhler and El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson to see if criminal charges will be filed against the perpetrators Officers Laney and Wilson.

South Lake Tahoe residents and tourists were shocked last year when former South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland was sentenced to 18 months in prison for similar conduct.

In 2013 the South Lake Tahoe and the El Dorado District Attorney Vern Pierson were the subject of a protest and a series of negative news reports.

Residents protest South Lake Tahoe police

scandalCorrupt law enforcement in South Lake Tahoe?

That’s what some people believe. And they took to the streets Monday to make their feelings known. Ty Robben organized the Jan. 28 demonstration along Al Tahoe Boulevard. Robben’s issues started last fall when bounty hunters busted down his door. He’s been waiting for the South Lake Tahoe cops to finish the report. He even went to the City Council meeting last week to plead the electeds to intervene to speed up the process.

El Dorado County District Attorney

In 2013 the South Lake Tahoe and the El Dorado District Attorney Vern Pierson were the subject of a protest and a series of negative news reports of rampant malicious & vexatious prosecutions against political “enemies” of DA Vern Pierson. Other complaints of “cover-ups” and “selective prosecution” prompted more protests. The protests continue going into 2015 with El Dorado County residents preparing for a RECALL of their corrupt and scandalous DA Vern Pierson.


 A similar situation occurred in Southern California:


October 3, 2012 6:23 AM

First of five parts

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” That’s how Charles Dickens opened his epic novel of turmoil in England and France on the brink of revolution. In 1775 those two crime-ridden capitals couldn’t have been more different and yet more alike.

Today two cities exist in the state of California only 90 miles apart. Both are governed by identical drunken driving laws and yet their treatment of police officers suspected of committing the identical crimes of perjury and filing false statements couldn’t be more different.


In each case, investigations were commenced when drivers, suspected by the police of driving under the influence were pulled over, subjected to field sobriety tests and then arrested. In each case, the charges were dropped as a result of police conduct. And in each case the arresting officer who filed the police report was a decorated DUI cop having won awards from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The difference is that in Los Angeles, LAPD officers Craig Allen and Phillip Walters are facing charges punishable by up to four years and eight months in state prison, while in Santa Barbara, as far as the public knows, Officer Kasi Beutel has never been suspended, cited or subjected to any misconduct proceedings.

She remains on the job and in uniform – and on Jan. 28, she was promoted to beat coordinator.

// //

Further, she has received nothing but praise or support from the police chief and multiple officials including the District Attorney’s Office, three Superior Court judges, and the city attorney.
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El Dorado County felony arrests rise, violent offense arrests drop

EL DORADO COUNTY — El Dorado County registered a rise in felony arrests as well as a drop in arrests for violent offenses in 2013 in comparison with 2012 figures, according to California Department of Justice Statistics.

The hike in felony offense arrests from 1,863 in 2012 to 2,019 in 2013 represents a roughly 8.4-precent increase. Of those arrested, 1,493 were men.

According to the data, 449 of the felony arrests made in El Dorado County in 2013 were for violent offenses, representing about 22 percent of the criminal activity punished. The data indicates that 325 of those arrested for violent offenses were men.

Those figures represent a 5-percent drop from 2012, when 479 violent felonies resulted in arrest.

Violent offenses also made up 25 percent of all the felony arrests.

Among the most violent crimes, three homicide arrests were made and seven on charges of forcible rape. The most represented violent crime was assault, with 405 arrests made. Assault arrests made up 90 percent of felony violent arrests and 20 percent of all felony arrests. Furthermore, a total of 11 arrests were made in connection to kidnappings.

Roughly 32 percent, 648, of the felony arrests were for drug offenses.

Of those, 291 arrests were made for drugs considered dangerous and 141 were for marijuana offenses.

Excluding rape charges, which are considered violent offenses, there were 32 sex offense arrests reported. Seven were for lewd and lascivious behavior, four were for unlawful sex and 21 were for other offenses.

Misdemeanor offenses, however, saw a drop of 2 percent from 3,918 in 2012 to 3,828 in 2013.

The most common misdemeanor offense that led to arrest was DUI, with 1,064. There were also 482 arrests made on charges of assault and battery, 215 for dangerous drug offenses, 208 for petty theft, 225 for failure to appear in court, 96 for trespassing and 81 for marijuana offenses.

Juveniles managed largely to stay out of jail, with four arrests reported.

No arrests for truancy or curfew violations were reported.

The DOJ considers a person has been arrested when he or she is taken into custody, because an officer has reason to believe the person violated the law. Not all arrests result in persons being jailed.

Felony arrests can result in a sentence to state prison if the offender is convicted as an adult. A misdemeanor arrest can result in a sentence of up to one year in county jail, a fine, probation, restitution, or any combination of those sentences.