Top 10 August Events and Summertime Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

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Tahoe1Lake Tahoe, renowned for over 300 days of sunshine and surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, may just be one of the best places in the world to take a summer vacation. With so much natural beauty and so many ways to do, see, and relax, there are nearly endless possibilities for how to spend your time around the lake. 

1 – Watch Shakespeare in the Park
Go to the Sand Harbor National Park and get some culture while you watch a local production of Shakespeare’s play, “As You Like It,” a charming tale about hiding away in the country that has been adapted and set during the Second Industrial Revolution. Open until August 24th, you will witness remarkable scenery, striking costumes, impressive actors, and hear the immortal words of the Bard himself. More information here:

2 – Go to the Valhalla Art, Music, and Theatre Festival

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