InEDC: In a Stunning Rebuke of El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson’s Charges, Jury find Dellinger & Alarcon Not Guilty of all charges

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Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon WIN – Vern Pierson loses again!

ImageIn what can only be termed as a crushing defeat of the District Attorney’s charges, the jury returns after just 47 minutes of deliberations to exonerate Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon of all charges in a unanimous 12 to 0 decision. This is ADA James Clinchard second major defeat in as many weeks after a jury returned no guilty charges of political malfeasance against Supervisor Ray Nutting last week.

Disclosure: This writer is the same as the defendant in this case even though the DA’s office was inexplicably unable to correctly spell the name.

In just 47 minutes, a jury handed a stunning defeat to the DA’s office and ADA James Clinchard, and a vindication of the defendant’s claims that the charges were without legal merit, by returning a not guilty verdict on…

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El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting keeps office- not guilty of felonies, guilty of misdemeanors

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ImageJury Comes Back with no Felony Convictions for Supervisor Ray Nutting. After Judge Timothy S. Buckley finished reading the verdicts, he dismissed the jury and offered his own observation: “Somewhat of a mixed bag. Congratulations, Mr. Nutting.”

Jury Returns with defeat for DA Vern Pierson in case against Supervisor Ray Nutting.

On All charges against Supervisor Ray Nutting, except charge 3, the Jury has returned a NOT GUILTY verdict.

On Charge 3, the Jury was Hung at 5 to 7, leaving the DA with the option to try again for a conviction on the single charge.  This charge alleging that Nutting fabricated documents related to herbicide treatment for which he was reimbursed by the state.

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Editorial: Political prosecution in El Dorado County

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sac beeBy the Editorial Board

Published: Friday, May. 9, 2014 – 12:00 am
Last Modified: Friday, May. 9, 2014 – 12:10 am

What does a political prosecution look like? Depending on your perspective, it might look like a peace protester thrown in jail for marching in the street. Or an evangelical Christian convicted of trespassing at an abortion clinic. Even the impeachment of a president for lying about cheating on his wife.

Ray Nutting Ray Nutting

It also could look like Ray Nutting. Though the conservative four-term El Dorado County supervisor and timber rancher probably wouldn’t enjoy the comparison, he is on trial for transgressions so common among elected officials that they are usually dispatched with a slap on the wrist and a fine.

DA Vern PiersonHis real crime appears to be occupying the wrong side of a political divide in this county – one that has deepened with the overzealous and politically motivated prosecution…

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Google and Bing search for Carson City DA “Mark Krueger” now suggesting “SCANDAL” and “PROTEST”

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mark krueger scandal Google and Bing search for Carson City DA “Mark Krueger” now suggesting “SCANDAL” and “PROTEST”

Carson City District Attorney Mark Krueger CORRUPT – Carson City District Attorney Mark Krueger

mark krueger for da Google and Bing search for Carson City DA “Mark Krueger” now suggesting “SCANDAL” and “PROTEST”

Corrupt DA Mark Krueger – Carson City ANTI Corruption protest

Jason Woodbury announces 2014 run for Carson City District Attorney against Corrupt Assistant DA Mark Krueger

Former Deputy DA Jason Woodbury says he’s running for Carson City District Attorney against corrupt assistant DA Mark Krueger.

Mark Kruger is currently employed by the corrupt Carson City DA Neil Rombardo: 2,053 MORE WORDS

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South Lake Tahoe, CA Police Search For Missing Woman Ruth Anne Scudder

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ruth anne scudder

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA – South Lake Tahoe Police are looking for a woman who disappeared last Tuesday morning after leaving her home on Lakeview Avenue.

Police say Ruth Anne Scudder is mentally disabled, which can affect her judgment and speech. She frequently uses BlueGo services for transportation.

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