Former SLTPD Johnny Poland officer receives 18-month prison sentence

Johnny-PolandJohnny Gerald Poland, 45, a former South Lake Tahoe police officer, was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months in prison for one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, according to a U.S. Department of Justice news release.

Poland pleaded guilty in May to the one federal obstruction charge.

A federal complaint was issued Jan. 22 by Christopher Campion, a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, citing Poland with five federal obstruction charges.

Within Campion’s complaint, the agent stated law enforcement received “uncorroborated information” that Poland, as a South Tahoe High School resource officer from 20-06, “made sexual advancements on minor students, failed to arrest high school students for illicit drug possession, had a sexual relationship with C1 (a minor at the time whose name was withheld from documents and alleged methamphetamine addict), disclosed law enforcement identities, and identified law enforcement (SLTPD) residence locations.” Continue reading

Speed Traps in South Lake Tahoe, California

SPEEDTRAPSpeed Traps in South Lake Tahoe, California

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passing lane at the Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort turn off   South Lake Tahoe, California

This will take place in the summer months on Sundays in the afternoon. One CHP vehicle will be stationed at the bottom of the passing lane as three to four CHP units will be further down the road to intercept the vehicle that are called in on the radio by the CHP stationed at the bottom of the passing lane. They don’t bother with anyone doing 5 to 10 or even 15 miles an hour over the posted 55 miles an hour sign as they are going for those who are doing over seventy mph. This passing lane is down hill and 55 mph is a safe speed for this dangerous busy mountainous road and so the CHP is trying to save some lives but you can get away with 60 mph, any faster calls for a disaster in winter.

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