rightondaily.com: Psycho DA Vern Pierson on a Rampage, Victim hosts successful fundraiser

Nevada State Personnel WATCH


vern piersonRemember Vern Pierson. He starred in a despicable Doug Ose attack ad against Tom McClintock that was shot at the McClellan airfield. In the ad, he called Tom McClintock unpatriotic and accused him of opposing veteran’s benefits.

The ad finished with Vern Pierson saying of Tom McClintock, “How can he live with himself”?

That smear lasted in to the general election as Charlie “Colonel Klink” Brown – an ex-Colonel was the communist spawn of the DCCC and saddled up on the military thing all throughout.

With Republicans like Vern Pierson, who needs democrats?

Vern Pierson is the DA of ElDorado County who filed charges against Ray Nutting a CRA member and a stand up El Dorado County Supervisor. Pierson and Nutting both have future political ambitions.

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