FEMA region 9 update – Fema Camps 2013 exposed

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Published on Jul 17, 2013  LAS VEGAS, NV – A stockpile of military vehicles were recently discovered occupying a secluded commercial property on the outskirts of Las Vegas at the address of 5750 Sky Pointe Dr.


It doesn’t seem as if the Humvees and other military-grade vehicles are for sale, even though they are stationed at a former car dealership that has been stripped of its business logo and signs.


The headlines for a YouTube video clip make it sound like the second coming of Area 51 or some conspiracy by the U.S. military preparing to invoke martial law in the northwest Las Vegas Valley.

“Unmarked Military Base Discovered in Las Vegas,” reads one header for the 79-second video.

Another attached to the footage of military vehicles parked behind the barbed-wire-top fence of a nondescript car lot on Sky Pointe Drive reads, “Secret Base…

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