Carson City DA Rombardo is a Big Bad Wolf (among other things)

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Carson City DA’s Office, Carson Montessori students place Big Bad Wolf on Trial
neil rombardo lies— neilrombardo @ 11:41 pm
This corrupt asshole Neil Rombardo has his own crappy website:

The Carson City District Attorney’s Office wasted money and presented the mock trial of State v. Alexander T. Wolf at Carson Montessori School on Monday for the 4th through 6th grade classes.

As part of the Office’s community outreach and partnership with local schools, the District Attorney’s Office created the mock trial based on the story of the “Three Little Pigs” to teach students about the criminal justice system as well as increase critical thinking and reasoning skills, according to a news release.

“Three Little Pigs”

“Three Little Pigs”

“Three Little Pigs”

The Office conducted two separate mock trials at the Carson Montessori School. All students participated in the program as judges, bailiffs, clerks, prosecutors, defense lawyers, or jurors.

The District…

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