El Dorado DA Vern Pierson spending thousands of Taxpayer dollars with Caulfield Law firm to quash CA “victims Rights” laws


One thought on “El Dorado DA Vern Pierson spending thousands of Taxpayer dollars with Caulfield Law firm to quash CA “victims Rights” laws

  1. I’ve found this so difficult to believe only because I’ve had nothing but good experiences from the DA”s office in the past until I and several others witnessed a major crime committed by a now ex deputy sheriff who was finally convicted by the DOJ of over 20 felonies after he also victimized me and others for over twenty years to prevent us from coming forward or even lied on my personal FBI records and information by gaining access to both Interpol and or the FBI while viciously stalking me. The same idiot has now been making actual hang up calls from the prison where he was sentenced to five years in prison but for whatever reasons I’ve been completely ignored by both the Lake County CA Sheriff’s Dept and very unfortunately also by the El Dorado County DA’s office which I find so surprising because I had nothing but good experiences with the DA’s office there until I sent a letter to DA Tepper a week or so after the event we all witnessed occurred explaining what we witnessed and when I finally returned to CA I learned DA Tepper was found shot in the head that was ruled a suicide however nobody has found the letter I sent. What is really interesting about the entire matter that also involved Nancy and Philip Garridos before they kidnapped Jaycee Dugard they held as a sex slave for over 18 years, the stalking of me continued and I received several death threats by phone I recorded with the help of AT&T Asset Protection that officials refuse to investigate for whatever reasons I suspect is the so called Blue Code of Silence I named the title of my book explaining everything that will be published soon since I can’t get anywhere otherwise. I’ve also agreed to appear on the Dr. Phil show and other major network talk shows and radio to discuss all the events my book explains regarding how I was viciously stalked, injured and continue to be harassed by the same already convicted cop who I am positive any good investigator can prove in fact kidnapped Michaela Joy Garecht in 1988 while he had a relationship of sorts with Nancy and Philip Garridos. One can only take so much of this kind of public corruption, especially when they find their history was also falsified to prevent my coming forward with the information proving the truth which seems to be one of the hardest things to do anymore if one becomes a target because they were victimized in the ways we have since. I was stalked for over 20 years by the same cop and I am positive I’m only alive today and survived because he was just by chance arrested on 44 felonies and convicted on 22 of the felonies but received a very light sentence because he was a cop, although a very corrupt cop from all I witnessed and experienced the entire 20+ years I was stalked by him but there comes a time when one can only take so much. I’m also creating a website for my book that will be published soon explaining the truth and what myself, another eye witness, taxi dispatcher and entire family who owned the Tahoe Taxi company that for whatever reasons went out of business since they first opened in 1988 and we all witnessed the event in question in around February 1989 that for whatever reasons is being covered up at the expense of the many victims involved.

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