Pissed-off citizens from Tahoe to Placerville form political PAC called Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption

vern pierson is as corrupt as hellPissed-off citizens of El Dorado County, CA consisting of the west slope area of Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Georgetown, Shingle Springs, Fair Play, Pollock Pines, Camino and all the way to South Lake Tahoe have formed political PAC called Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption or COVAC.info to take on local county corruption.

Citizens are outraged to learn of the escalating wrongdoings, eyebrow raising salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, double dipping, and vendettas by county officials primarily in the El Dorado County District Attorney office under the watch of Vern Pierson and William “Bill” Clark.

Please see the full story here: http://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/el-dorado-county-ca-pissed-off-citizens-form-political-pac-called-committee-of-vigilance-against-corruption/


2 thoughts on “Pissed-off citizens from Tahoe to Placerville form political PAC called Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption

  1. All crimes against the ‘State’ are in reality, no crime at all because there is no victim and no victim’s property. A ‘corpus delecti’ is absolutely required for any legitimate court case to proceed unless the real victim (the defendant) has been sleeping and is not aware you cannot cross examine the ‘People of the State’ because they are a fiction. If he paid attention he would demand an actual victim, not a court invented ‘State’. Every defendant has the right to face their accuser, not a prosecuting attorney or Judge masquerading as a representative of the ‘People of the State’. The ‘State’ is an agreed upon idea called a corporation, and can never be any more real than words written on paper. It does not hurt if you hit it, does not bleed if you cut it. It does not actually exist as you do, in a physical, breathing body. This is the most major truth that is being lied about in all courts (Fed/State/County) today so that our entire populace can be made criminals against the State where there are no actual victims, in order to take people’s money and possessions.

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