Washoe County pays $75,000 in excessive Sheriff force case against a Tahoe paddleboarder

Lake Tahoe has more law enforcement than you can shake you paddleboard stick at. There is to name a few, SLTPD, EDCSO, DCSH, WCSO, PCSO, US Forest Service, US Coast Guard, FBI office at Stateleine (in the same building as TRPA on Market St.) and more…

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

washoe sheriff badgeWashoe County paid a $75,000 settlement Thursday in an excessive force case involving a college student who was forced to the ground at Incline Village after not wearing a life vest while on a stand up paddleboard at Lake Tahoe, the law office of Terri Keyser-Cooper said.SUP

Lauren Kettell, 19, alleged Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputy Brent Coss yelled at her to not paddle in the lake without a life vest. Coss allegedly demanded she get in his boat, but Kettell requested they talk on her grandparent’s beach.

Once arriving on the beach, Kettell waited for Coss. The deputy then ran at her, grabbed her, and threw her to the ground, the law office said.

Kettell remained on the ground for 10 minutes with Coss’ knee in her back.

cashKettell was taken to the hospital before going to Washoe County Detention Center. She was bruised for weeks, with her arm in…

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