Hawthorne, CA Police Shoot Dog – People OUTRAGED – Thousands of Death Threats Received

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

hawthorne police shoot dogOutrage sparks across the Nation as people learn about the Hawthorne Police Shooting a dog when arresting an innocent man for shooting a video. Many people think the cops involved all need to be fired, tried for treason and shot in the head point black with hollow points – when found guilty.


“Leon Rosby arrived at 137th Street and Jefferson Avenue in Hawthorne on Sunday evening to videotape a police standoff. He brought along his 2-year-old Rottweiler, Max.

He put the dog on a leash and began filming. Hawthorne police deemed Rosby’s actions interference and placed him under arrest. By this point, Max was in the backseat of Rosby’s car, but the arrest upset him. He began barking, jumped out of the car and lunged at officers.”*

Leon Rosby was cuffed by Hawthorne police officers after recording them with…

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