Retired El Dorado County deputy sheriff Don Atkinson arrested in Carson City, Nevada

Another day… Another corrupt cop goes down stealing from his own…

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Retired Sheriff’s Deputy Donald Atkinson Sentenced to Five Years in State Prison for Embezzlement

UPDATE: Monday afternoon Don Atkinson, of El Dorado Hills, pled not guilty to all charges. El Dorado Superior Court Judge Douglas C. Phimister said he would appoint a public defender for Atkinson, who stands accused of embezzling more than $300,000 over six years.

The former head of the El Dorado County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association was arrested Thursday in Nevada and charged with embezzling about $300,000 from the deputies’ organization.

Donald Phillip Atkinson was arrested in Carson City after California officials filed a criminal complaint Tuesday with 44 felony counts. The arrests follow an investigation by the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office and the California attorney general’s office, which announced the arrest. In addition to embezzlement, Atkinson is charged with filing perjured campaign finance documents for a political action committee and stealing $100,000 from a 72-year-old…

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Pissed-off citizens from Tahoe to Placerville form political PAC called Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption

vern pierson is as corrupt as hellPissed-off citizens of El Dorado County, CA consisting of the west slope area of Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Georgetown, Shingle Springs, Fair Play, Pollock Pines, Camino and all the way to South Lake Tahoe have formed political PAC called Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption or to take on local county corruption.

Citizens are outraged to learn of the escalating wrongdoings, eyebrow raising salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, double dipping, and vendettas by county officials primarily in the El Dorado County District Attorney office under the watch of Vern Pierson and William “Bill” Clark.

Please see the full story here:

Washoe County pays $75,000 in excessive Sheriff force case against a Tahoe paddleboarder

Lake Tahoe has more law enforcement than you can shake you paddleboard stick at. There is to name a few, SLTPD, EDCSO, DCSH, WCSO, PCSO, US Forest Service, US Coast Guard, FBI office at Stateleine (in the same building as TRPA on Market St.) and more…

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

washoe sheriff badgeWashoe County paid a $75,000 settlement Thursday in an excessive force case involving a college student who was forced to the ground at Incline Village after not wearing a life vest while on a stand up paddleboard at Lake Tahoe, the law office of Terri Keyser-Cooper said.SUP

Lauren Kettell, 19, alleged Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputy Brent Coss yelled at her to not paddle in the lake without a life vest. Coss allegedly demanded she get in his boat, but Kettell requested they talk on her grandparent’s beach.

Once arriving on the beach, Kettell waited for Coss. The deputy then ran at her, grabbed her, and threw her to the ground, the law office said.

Kettell remained on the ground for 10 minutes with Coss’ knee in her back.

cashKettell was taken to the hospital before going to Washoe County Detention Center. She was bruised for weeks, with her arm in…

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Former El Dorado County sheriff’s sergeant booked on child porn charges

William Wilson mugshot

William Wilson mugshot

William Wilson (pictured), 51, was arrested Monday after an investigation. During the investigation, Wilson retired, but the investigation continued.
Cathy Locke, Sac Bee | July 10 2013

A former El Dorado County Sheriff’s sergeant has been arrested on suspicion of possessing child pornography.

William Wilson (pictured), 51, was arrested Monday after the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office filed criminal misdemeanor charges, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release.

In January, sheriff’s personnel discovered information that an employee might have been involved in inappropriate activity, and an investigation was initiated to determine whether Wilson was involved, sheriff’s officials said. During the investigation, Wilson retired, but the investigation continued.

The findings of the investigation were submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for review and resulted in filing of the criminal charges, officials said. Continue reading

Nevada Cops Arrest Man for Criticizing their Parking before Seizing Cameras from Witnesses

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Story from

 July 8th, 2013

Law enforcement officers pounced on a man with a camera who was openly criticizing their parking habits outside a Nevada casino before pouncing on another man video recording the first altercation, seizing both cameras as “evidence” before turning to a couple of other witnesses and seizing their cameras as well.

Today, three months later, none of the cameras have been returned, but the man who was arrested has obtained footage from two of the four seized cameras as discovery as he prepares for his trial.

The man, who goes by MrMike Smith on Facebook, said the incident took place April 7 in Stateline, Nevada and involved Douglas County sheriff deputies and South Lake Tahoe police.


So we tried to stop some dude from beating up his girl on the strip Saturday. Long story short we got jumped with belt-buckles and a knife. I…

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Hawthorne, CA Police Shoot Dog – People OUTRAGED – Thousands of Death Threats Received

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

hawthorne police shoot dogOutrage sparks across the Nation as people learn about the Hawthorne Police Shooting a dog when arresting an innocent man for shooting a video. Many people think the cops involved all need to be fired, tried for treason and shot in the head point black with hollow points – when found guilty.


“Leon Rosby arrived at 137th Street and Jefferson Avenue in Hawthorne on Sunday evening to videotape a police standoff. He brought along his 2-year-old Rottweiler, Max.

He put the dog on a leash and began filming. Hawthorne police deemed Rosby’s actions interference and placed him under arrest. By this point, Max was in the backseat of Rosby’s car, but the arrest upset him. He began barking, jumped out of the car and lunged at officers.”*

Leon Rosby was cuffed by Hawthorne police officers after recording them with…

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July 4th 2013 Carson City Rally Against Tyranny – Pictures and Video

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

bill of rights on fireThe second amendment (armed protest) and fourth amendment (anti government spying) converged at the July 4th 2013 Carson City Rally Against Tyranny.

Essentially, the rally, protest, march or whatever you want to call it was a success. RGJ News did a short story and produced a short video here:

Video – Armed March and Restore the Fourth Amendment rally in Carson City, NV

About 2 dozen people showed up at the second amendment (armed protest) and Restore the Fourth Amendment  movement (anti government spying) converged at the July 4th 2013 Carson City Rally Against Tyranny.

The armed march was an offshoot of the second amendment march that was originally planned for July 4th in Washington DC. However that plan was cancelled after the event organizer, Adam Kokesh was arrested prior to the controversial protest. Gun are not allowed in the District of Washington DC. Instead, Kokesh launched a 50…

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This 4th of July, Restore the Fourth, a nationwide grassroots organization, is planning to protest the violations to the 4th Amendment of our Constitution.

Abandon Pressure Cooker Closes Highway 50 in South Lake Tahoe for 2 hours


The Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad responded and destroyed the devise with a type of water cannon. Once the device was rendered safe, it was determined to be an industrial sized electronic rice cooker which contained food.
South Lake Tahoe Police Department | July 2 2013

On Sunday, June 30, just before 7 p.m. the South Lake Tahoe 91lakeview commons beach1 Center received a report of an abandon pressure cooker on the ground at the Lakeview Commons located at Lakeview Avenue and U.S. 50. This call was just prior to the conclusion of the Race the Lake of the Sky paddle board event, which took place at the Lakeview Commons.

The South Lake Tahoe Police Department, with the assistance of Race the Lake of the Sky security and event staff, cleared the immediate area. SLTPD was forced to divert Higvhway 50 traffic around the area of Lakeview Commons to ensure public safety until the package could be more closely examined.

bomb quadThe Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad responded and attempted to destroy the cooker with their bomb robot. When that failed, a bomb team member, wearing protective gear, walked in and destroyed the devise with a PAN Disrupter which is a type of water cannon.

Once the device was rendered safe, it was determined to be an industrial sized electronic rice cooker which contained food. Traffic was diverted for approximately two hours.

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El Dorado County probation employees tired of workplace harassment

Chaotic could be one word to describe the El Dorado County Probation Department. Discriminatory, dysfunctional and secretive would be other words. “The kids aren’t the problem, management is,” said one person who recently severed ties with the department.
Kathryn Reed, Lake Tahoe News | July 1 2013

 probation… According to the people who spoke off the record with Lake Tahoe News, interim Chief Probation Officer Vince Janette is one of the harassers…

At first Janette said, “I’d rather not comment” – in response to whether he applied to be the chief permanently. Then he added, “I will not be our next chief.”

When Sly was asked to explain what is really going on today at probation, he emailed LTN, “Current direction from the CAO and County Counsel is that all media questions are referred to them. Therefore, I need to refer you to their offices.”

Those who are left to do the work at the South Lake Tahoe and Placerville detention centers say there is a culture of harassment and discrimination within the department…

Harassment, according to those who spoke with LTN, is verbal and sexual – and ongoing.

Read story here:

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Video surfaces of the Stateline, Nevada beating of Mike Burnhart by various law enforcement including SLTPD, EDSO and the Douglas County Sheriff

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Video surfaces of the Stateline, Nevada beating of Mike Burnhart by various law enforcement including South Lake Tahoe Police SLTPD, El Dorado Sheriff  EDSO and the Douglas County Sheriff. DCSO

According to Mike Barnhart, he was just shooting some video of the  Douglas County Sheriff blocking the road.

The cops falsely claimed there was a “crime scene” and attacked Mr. Barhhart. Somehow the South Lake Tahoe Police sltpdSLTPD, El Dorado Sheriff  EDSO got involved and Mike Barnhart was arrested and charged for obstruction and resisting arrest.

The whole thing is in the Justice Court, Judge Richard Glasson presiding, at the Stateline, NV courthouse.

Supreme Court Inaction Boosts Right To Record Police Officers

The Huffington Post  |  By Radley Balko Posted: 11/27/2012

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review a decision by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals blocking the enforcement of an Illinois eavesdropping law. The broadly written…

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