Placerville press cover the protest at Vern Pierson’s office


One thought on “Placerville press cover the protest at Vern Pierson’s office

  1. John O’Sullivan tried to get Vern Pierson to protect him from his Neighbor, a Retired sheriff. This was futile because the Sheriff had favor, and O’Sullivan, a father and husband, was just an Irish Immigrant. It seems O’Sullivans life was not worth protecting under Pierson’s watch, having been made evident by the “retired sheriff” “Zimmerman” who was basically encouraged to shoot O’Sullivan due to the several years of ignoring stalking, “murder threats” and other forms of harassment used by corrupt officials. The federal courts have ruled that “corrupt officials” are protected by the 11th amendment to the Constitution for corruption, and citizens have no right to “redress”, see Bogan v. Scott-Harris. Surprisingly, the “redress” part of the constitution was struck down, but nobody removed the language from the First Amendment, creating confusion when citizens think their rights are violated. US citizens, according to SCOTUS have no right to redress government abuse of power, contrary to the myth.

    Vern Pierson, after the murder of O’Sullivan, who was suing Pierson in Eastern District Federal Court, successfully had the case against him dismissed due to the murder, as the plaintiff was dead. This use to be a tactic used by mobster, oh but it still is, only now mobsters are in the US government, local, state, and federal. Ironically, El Dorado County citizens like this mobster type government, because they keep reelecting them. Thus, our democracy is getting what it deserves apparantly.

    Vern Pierson was sued by another citizen in 2007. When Pierson was elected, a mental patient armed with a automatic pistol was released seemingly to harass a citizen for complaining publically about Violence by friends of officials who are being given “get out of jail free cards,” to commit murders if they so desire, i.e. O’Sullivan.

    A grand jury case GJ07-007 was filed to Judy Mulligan with evidence that citizens who complained about corruption within the sheriff and DA depts. would be retaliated against in violation of a 9th circ precedence Macias v. Ihde 2000. This case showed that the very worst officials in local governments in order to stop the complaints would allow dangerous private citizen individuals in the community to assault, skew permit process, or be armed while mentally ill. Macias, like O’Sullivan who were “allowed” to be murdered because of “compromised” public officials who unlawfully and in danger to public safety, skewed “equal protection” away from victims of violence . Violence victims who are obviously and reasonable disgruntled over “inaction” by police without a “rational basis” to abuse discretion, can be set up by officials using volatile civil disputes by ignoring and allowing, thus encouraging insane people to believe the law is on their side. They end up killing or assaulting people that otherwise should have been prevented, especially when, according to the Macias case, “months of ignoring assaults without basis was the CAUSE OF MURDER.”

    Regarding the Grand Jury Case filed, A El Dorado Superior court Judge, who was not accused in the filing, though was the “trial judge,” intervened and stepped outside of legal jurisdiction to hide the allegations from the “People of the State of California, was admonished by the and this is lightly mentioned as the “2009 admonishment by the couple.” James Wagner, acting as a mobster within the judiciary continued this behavior in other cases, as the CJP punishment details. Yet Wagner is still administering his tyrannical corrupt justice this day, while the citizens cower in their fear and remain silent. I though EDC was a place of integrity and honesty, but it is a bastion of old south prejudice and cruelty, aided by the silence of a subdued citizenry of cowards who allow this.

    All I know is that Vern Pierson, when it came to protecting our family and employees from a mad man who had 5 restraining orders and a dozen felony arrests for gun violence, Pierson gave the benefit of doubt to the accused, according to a deputy report EG07O8272 that because the VICTIM used his first amendment for a “…website took issue with specific elected officials such as the Sheriff, DA, County Supervisors, and
    local Assemblymen. The website claimed to have the CA State Attorney General / Grand Jury looking into allegations of misconduct by local agencies and elected officials. iastly the website alleged that EDSO, the DA and County Mental Health could have prevented other murders (Roy clayton….Mies etc.) if they had taken the appropriate action. Based on the statements gathered and evidence presented to me by both parties, I did not believe that had committed the crime of violating a court order on the morning of 08-1 7-07.”

    Since this blatant disregard of the First Amendment right to publish news about crime, This Deputy was promoted to Sergeant. Apparently, El Dorado County Sheriff is promoting thugs who ignore violent crime when they are being criticized. John O’Sullivan paid the ultimate price and was murdered by willful violation of the crime victims bill of rights such as committed by this deputy without rational basis to do so.

    Whenever I see these corruption allegations levied against El Dorado County officials, I check the obituary to see if they have been dispatched like Mr. O’Sullivan. Be cautious when approaching Vern Pierson….he is supposed to uphold the law, but the contrary is seen to be a pattern of conduct exemplary of the barred behavior described in the 9th circuit Macias v. Ihde case. Officials can use the elements in Macias to allow ongoing violence to take its course and murder the complainant who is only obeying law and following procedure to get help. It’s the perfect murder by proxy, an officially documented act that does go in local government.

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