Protesting resumes at South Lake Tahoe Police Dept. and El Dorado DA for 2013 season

Lake Tahoe cop watchers

We thought the SLTPD got the message during the January 2013 protest in front of their office that home owners, business owners, taxpayers, citizens, locals and tourists we’re tired of the corruption. After all the Johny Poland case was national news at the same time and exposed the SLTPD corruption to the entire nation!

We did not start this. We are not ANTI COP, or ANTI Government – we’re ANTI CORRUPTION.

We’ll after learning about the SLTPD smashing faces in the ground because a person took a picture of them, we were OUTRAGED and demand that the video is turned over

Complaints were filed only to be quashed by the SLTPD “Internal Affairs” department which is really not a department, it’s just a superior cop covering up for his fellow cop… This is the “Blue Line” where cops protect cops and coverup their crimes. This is why Johnny Poland got away with everything for years… It takes people like us to expose the corruption and force the change that is needed to prevent this kind of tyranny.

Our group has expanded with more people and more signs.  Look for protests to happen on a continuations schedule and all around town in the most high profile areas like the SLTPD office, Stateline Casino corridor, the Y and Commons Beach on Hyw. 50.

We are networked with cop block and other popular websites and are joining forces with Carson City, Reno, Placerville and surrounding areas to protest these matters in front of the courts, Sheriff offices and newspapers.

We did not start this. We are not ANTI COP, or ANTI Government – we’re ANTI CORRUPTION.

South Lake Tahoe police



5 thoughts on “Protesting resumes at South Lake Tahoe Police Dept. and El Dorado DA for 2013 season

  1. put this pig and his fellow swine on the spit and cook them to a nice dark burnt meat. they are not police officers, they are only low level, mud wallowing, feces eating ferrel pigs!!! shoot them and move on!! FUCK YOU SLTPD!!!

    • i imagine there is some censorship involved with posting to this site. I am exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech!! PLEASE do not censor me, and i will try very hard to leave profanity in the saloon. thank you.

      SLTPD, You need a complete overhaul! if there is ONE bad cop on the force, even a SMALL FORCE LIKE SLTPD, then the entire force is corrupted, there are no good cops on the SLTPD, so long as these blatant and flagrant civil rights violators are allowed to continue with their employment as officers of peace. HE HELPED KNOWN DRUG DEALERS, THUGS, HOODLUMS, GANGSTERS, CONVICTS, CRIMINALS, to evade law enforcement, thus propagating an unsafe environment for the law abiding citizens and tourist of SLT, whom he SWORE TO SERVE AND PROTECT!!!! LOCK HIM DOWN IN THE CELLAR LIKE THE MANGY MUTT HE IS!!!

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