A new group calling themselves Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe has started up after another SLTPD situation

tahoe cop watch

fvck youA new group calling themselves Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe has started up after a situation where South Lake Tahoe resident calling himself Mike “Underdogtahoe” Smith was beat up for video recording South Lake Tahoe,  California police illegally crossing State lines into the Stateline, Nevada casino district using canine (“K9”) dogs to search patrons of a place called the Raw Bar near the Montblue casino.

See the Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/CopWatchersLakeTahoe

See the Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe YOUTUBE channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NODVzjn220

Website: Nevada Cop Block

It was Mike “Underdogtahoe” Smith’s belief that he had the right to take a video of the police officers, and we would concur. tahoe cop watchers

Mike simply took some video with his Iphone camera of what he thought was an odd situation of California police basically checking people in Nevada for drugs with a dog in a bar… We concur that this would be a jurisdiction issue  of California cops patrolling in Nevada and illegal search using Californaia  K9 units in Nevada with no probable cause.  this was not a SLEDNET operation and Douglas county is not associated with SLEDNET according to their website.

SLTPD Officer Josh Adler assaulted and arrested Mike for “obstruction”  even though Mike did not obstruct anything, he was simply taking a video of Adler which he had the right to do with out the harassment, arrest and illegal use of excessive force.

Mike was actually arrested by the Douglas County Sheriff and he has a court date soon. In the mean time, the DCSO has his Iphone camera and has not provided Mike with his property or the video of the entire situation.

We’ll be updating this story as it develops.


8 thoughts on “A new group calling themselves Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe has started up after another SLTPD situation

  1. When will people learn to use something like Bambuser when recording cops. Makes them stealing your phone meaningless if they know they can’t destroy your video.

    • I’ve seen Bambuser but the video has to be uploaded by the phone if it is snatched out of your hand by the cops before you send the video the cops still have the phone. is there a way to automatically send the video?

      • it live steams and will continue to send even if your phone is in standby mode and with a 4g connection things will be uploaded rather quickly. So as long as you don’t give them the unlock code your video should be safe.

      • Bambuser pronounced bam۰bU۰zer is a program for android and iOs like Qik. Android folks seem to like it with 5 1/2 stars on Google play but iTunes has it rated as 2 1/2 so maybe there is something better for an iPhone. The service streams a video as you take it directly to a site of your choosing a youtube channel or facebook for instance. The 3g upload is ok but it keeps the cops from “losing” evidence. The 4g upload I’ve heard can be very good. I’ve only read about it. I don’t live in the states so have had no call to use it but I’ve read about other kopwatch organizations that have had some luck with it.

        Hope this has helped you. Be safe and good luck.

    • Awesome. What channel yall gonna stream to? I can just imagine the priceless look that you will get, after everyones phone has been illegally taken, that everything he said and did has already streamed live to the internet…lol

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