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Friday, May 24, 2013

Man protests corruption outside courthouse, DA’s Office

IMG_20130520_131902A protest concerning possible corruption in El Dorado County was the result of what the organizer described as a kidnapping and assault by bounty hunters illegally trying to detain him.

Todd “Ty” Robben, a former IT worker for the Nevada Department of Taxation, was arrested after he supposedly harassed a member of the Nevada Department of Transportation. He said, however, that he was simply trying to serve her a subpoena.

“She was complaining she had not been personally served,” he said, so he went in person to do it. As a result, a district attorney in Carson City, Nev. charged him with assault and disturbing the peace.

The roles were seemingly reversed when bounty hunters showed up at Robben’s door, kicking it in, tasing him three times and…

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SLTPD Officer Johnny Poland GUILTY, could get 20 years in federal prison

Johnny-PolandJohnny Poland will never be a police officer again after pleading guilty May 22 to a federal crime.

By Kathryn Reed

South Lake Tahoe police Officer Johnny Poland is going to prison.

Poland pleaded guilty today to obstruction of an official proceeding. This was one of four charges leveled against the 44-year-old earlier this year.

He will be sentenced Aug. 7.

He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars, a $250,000 fine and three years of supervised released.

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Placerville press cover the protest at Vern Pierson’s office

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Crime Scene at District Attorney’s Office – Widespread Public Support

in eldorado

vern pierson
Broad Support, and lack of objectors, indicate a widespread belief among the public that there is some kind of corruption in the administration of fair and equal justice in El Dorado County.
Placerville Newswire | May 21 2013

Placeville Newswire Note: I observed the protest for about one hour and during that time about 20% of the passing vehicles yelled out expressing support for the protesters.  One patron having lunch with his wife at the Pizzeria across the street expressed support for the protest but with this caveat, “Good Luck, they do what they want in El Dorado County.”  It was clear that there was widespread public perception that there was some form of corruption in the administration of justice in El Dorado County.

From the protest organizer:
In a nutshell, DA Pierson charged one of 5 perpetrators…

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ANTI CORRUPTION Protest Monday May 20th 2013 @ high noon El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

vern piersondoug-lewis-nevada-bounty-hunter

ANTI CORRUPTION Protest Monday May 20th 2013 at high noon in Placerville, CA “Hangtown” in front of the courthouse and District Attorney offices  against  El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson

With no charges filed, we’re putting massive pressure on the El Dorado County District Attorney to prosecute Dennis Justin of the “Justin Bros Bail Bonds” Company for his role in the October 18th, 2012 burglary, assault and battery incident against Ty Robben in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Dennis Justin was clearly at the scene and broke into my home. Dennis Justin acted in conspiracy with Doug Lewis and fully participated in the conflict and criminal activity.

The DA did charge “Bounty Hunter” Douglas Lewis with 5 counts but they have offer him a plea deal to only take 2 counts and no jail time. This sends the message it’s OK to kick in doors and sho0t people to resolve…

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South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland expected to plea guilty

South Lake Tahoe Police corruption Johnny Poland
Johnny Poland if you are reading, we invite you to tell you side of the story on SLTPD WATCH. We have heard good and bad. Some people think Mr. Poland was guilty and a sinner.  Other have said Mr. Poland was a good cop and SLTPD took him out for retaliation.
The charges do not look good, but we also know Mr. Poland could have been been coerced into a “plea bargin”.  Again, the charges do not look good against Poland, n or do the people who were victims of Mr. Poland’s wrongdoings.
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Cal. ( & KRNV) – South Lake Tahoe police officer, Johnny Poland is expected to plea guilty next week to federal charges according to LakeTahoeNews.Net.

Poland was indicted in early 2013 on three counts related to tampering with a witness and one count of obstruction of an official proceeding.

According to court documents, Poland was caught up in a love triangle with a gang member’s girlfriend and he tried to help drug traffickers evade police and throw investigators off their path.

A criminal complaint filed in January says a probe uncovered allegations of Poland’s misconduct dating to October 2003 when he allegedly engaged in sexual activity with a 17-year-old female student while he was a school resource officer at South Lake Tahoe High School.

Protesting resumes at South Lake Tahoe Police Dept. and El Dorado DA for 2013 season

Lake Tahoe cop watchers

We thought the SLTPD got the message during the January 2013 protest in front of their office that home owners, business owners, taxpayers, citizens, locals and tourists we’re tired of the corruption. After all the Johny Poland case was national news at the same time and exposed the SLTPD corruption to the entire nation!

We did not start this. We are not ANTI COP, or ANTI Government – we’re ANTI CORRUPTION.

We’ll after learning about the SLTPD smashing faces in the ground because a person took a picture of them, we were OUTRAGED and demand that the video is turned over

Complaints were filed only to be quashed by the SLTPD “Internal Affairs” department which is really not a department, it’s just a superior cop covering up for his fellow cop… This is the “Blue Line” where cops protect cops and coverup their crimes. This is why Johnny Poland got away with everything for years… It takes people like us to expose the corruption and force the change that is needed to prevent this kind of tyranny.

Our group has expanded with more people and more signs.  Look for protests to happen on a continuations schedule and all around town in the most high profile areas like the SLTPD office, Stateline Casino corridor, the Y and Commons Beach on Hyw. 50.

We are networked with cop block and other popular websites and are joining forces with Carson City, Reno, Placerville and surrounding areas to protest these matters in front of the courts, Sheriff offices and newspapers.

We did not start this. We are not ANTI COP, or ANTI Government – we’re ANTI CORRUPTION.

South Lake Tahoe police


Flashback: SLTPD October 2007 an independent outside study and where we are now

In October 2007 an independent outside study was performed on the South Lake Tahoe Police Department (“SLTPD”). The report asked employees for anonymous feedback and valuable data was received and plans were set in place to transform the SLTPD. Fast forward to 2013 and has the SLTPD transformed into a more positive police force or are problems still remaining?

We know from personal experience that the SLTPD has good people working there as staff and as officers.
However, the data shows that problems exist and our experience shows a need to reevaluate the SLTPD from the top down. Ask the real questions anonymously and have an outside study suggest what can be done to improve the situations.

We are not ANTI COP, we’re just ANTI Corruption and pro Constitution and thus a threat to tyranny everywhere. We are Legion.


A new group calling themselves Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe has started up after another SLTPD situation

tahoe cop watch

fvck youA new group calling themselves Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe has started up after a situation where South Lake Tahoe resident calling himself Mike “Underdogtahoe” Smith was beat up for video recording South Lake Tahoe,  California police illegally crossing State lines into the Stateline, Nevada casino district using canine (“K9”) dogs to search patrons of a place called the Raw Bar near the Montblue casino.

See the Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe Facebook site:

See the Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe YOUTUBE channel:

Website: Nevada Cop Block

It was Mike “Underdogtahoe” Smith’s belief that he had the right to take a video of the police officers, and we would concur. tahoe cop watchers

Mike simply took some video with his Iphone camera of what he thought was an odd situation of California police basically checking people in Nevada for drugs with a dog in a bar… We concur that this would be a jurisdiction issue  of California cops patrolling in Nevada and illegal search using Californaia  K9 units in Nevada with no probable cause.  this was not a SLEDNET operation and Douglas county is not associated with SLEDNET according to their website.

SLTPD Officer Josh Adler assaulted and arrested Mike for “obstruction”  even though Mike did not obstruct anything, he was simply taking a video of Adler which he had the right to do with out the harassment, arrest and illegal use of excessive force.

Mike was actually arrested by the Douglas County Sheriff and he has a court date soon. In the mean time, the DCSO has his Iphone camera and has not provided Mike with his property or the video of the entire situation.

We’ll be updating this story as it develops.