Brian Uhler replaces embattled Terry Daniels as Chief of Police in So. Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler

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Updated Nov. 2, 2010, 12:36pm.

By Kathryn Reed

The first police chief hired from outside the department was sworn in this morning at the South Lake Tahoe City Council meeting.

Brian Uhler becomes the eighth chief, taking over a department that has had a rocky time of it in recent years, especially under the leadership of former Chief Terry Daniels. Capt. Martin Hewlett has been the leader of the department since the start of the year after Daniels left.

Terry Daniels South Tahoe police

Terry Daniels South Tahoe police

Several members of the police department were on hand as Uhler was sworn-in and given his badge at the end of the Nov. 2 council meeting. He said a few perfunctory words before the meeting was adjourned.

Uhler, 49, most recently was a captain in the UC San Francisco police force. He was laid off in August after two years on the job. Before that he spent 25 years with the Corpus Christi, Texas, police department. He retired as a commander.

Uhler has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in public administration, and is a graduate of the FBI Academy.

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SLTPD Chief Daniels leaving
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By Kathryn Reed

Embattled South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Terry Daniels is calling it quits after more than 27 years in law enforcement.

As part of a reorganization plan that will be before the City Council on Tuesday, a number of jobs are likely to go by the wayside. This doesn’t mean there won’t be a police chief or building inspector (Ron Ticknor may be retiring as well), but having people on the higher end of the pay scale retire will save money.

Terry Daniels

“Early retirement is being offered to the chief and to some line people,” City Manager Dave Jinkens told Lake Tahoe News on Friday night. “We are not trying to get rid of people.”

But the city is trying to eliminate positions in an attempt to save about $1 million a year.

Furlough days are still going to be part of the mix even with the retirements. It’s expected city workers will have to take four in December and then two days each month through September — the end of the fiscal year.

Most employees are also feeling a 9.23 percent cut in pay in 2009-10.

In addition to the restructuring of city government, the budget is also on the Nov. 17 agenda. The fiscal year began Oct. 1, therefore the city has been operating without a final budget.

Other people expected to leave the police department are officers Chuck Owens, who has been with the department for more than 20 years, has had stints on the FBI and local narcotics task force; and Scott Willson, who is currently the school resource officer at South Tahoe High School.

It is up to each employee if he wants to accept the golden handshake. They have 90 days to make up their minds.Retirements in the fire department and public works are also expected. “Our goal was the equivalent of five people,” Jinkens said. “It could be more.” Read more: Trump busted

Prior to taking the helm of the department, the chief, who was unavailable for comment, was involved in a slew of interesting cases.

He was on the force in 1989 when then Mayor Terry Trupp was arrested on a variety of federal crimes — mostly drug related in what the FBI called Operation Deep Snow. Trupp recently died after serving a number of years behind bars.

S. Lake Tahoe Mayor Accused in Drug, Money-Laundering Case
June 14, 1989|PAUL JACOBS and DANIEL M. WEINTRAUB | Times Staff Writers

SACRAMENTO — Undercover federal agents using wiretaps, videotapes and paid informants gained entry into an elaborate, statewide drug distribution and money-laundering network that included South Lake Tahoe Mayor Terry Trupp and his wife, Kimberly, according to court documents made available Tuesday.

The detailed court filings–affidavits used to support the multiple arrests–provide an insight into Trupp and the workings of illicit drug trade centered in the resort communities around Lake Tahoe, with money and cocaine being shuttled among suppliers and dealers in Orange County, Palm Springs and San Diego.

The accusations about the Trupps have stunned residents of the bustling Lake Tahoe resort city where Trupp presided as mayor. There had been whispering about his life style–about the source of his income, his yellow Maserati and fast motorcycles and his recent marriage to his 24-year-old former stepdaughter. But few suspected that the 46-year-old part-time politician was caught up in the shadowy underworld of cocaine trafficking, as he is described in the court documents.

“He’s a flamboyant personality. He’s a loner,” said Neva Roberts, the mayor pro tem of South Lake Tahoe. “I don’t know who his friends are. He’s somewhat of an enigma.”

An elaborate undercover operation–code-named “Deep Snow”–led to the arrest of the Trupps and 17 others, including a South Lake Tahoe chiropractor, Glenn Clifford Miller.

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