An ANTI-Corruption demonstration/protest will be held Monday at high noon January 28, 2013 @ SLTPD office on Al Tahoe Blvd.

An ANTI-Corruption demonstration/protest will be held

Monday at high noon January 28, 2013

in front of the SLT Police Dept on Al Tahoe Blvd.

south lake tahoe police protest zone

south lake tahoe police protest zone


We’ll have the world’s largest CRIME SCENE banner

and other professional signs demanding competency, honesty and transparency into South Lake Tahoe Police law enforcement.

The SLTPD also must complete police investigations and not cover them up!  No more lies, slow-balling and whitewashing to protect corrupt cronies.

Come on by, bring a sign and honk if you drive by.


6 thoughts on “An ANTI-Corruption demonstration/protest will be held Monday at high noon January 28, 2013 @ SLTPD office on Al Tahoe Blvd.

  1. It is about time!!! We need to clean up this dirty little town and clear out the bad apples in the police dept. Thank you.

  2. Let’s be part of a solution and not a problem. Going out there and protesting wont get anything done. At least that’s my opinion based on protest that I seen in the past. People sometimes end up getting disruptive causing problems. It’s time for people to start thinking with their heads and not running into those kinds of situations. Come out with a solution on how can corrupt people be weeded out. This has been a problem for many years through out the country and world. Till this day no one has find a solution. No matter how many protest, nothing will get done with out a solution and plan.

  3. You do realize the officer in question was fired from SLTPD and then forced to be rehired by the city after massive public outcry against the wishes of SLTPD, right? After being rehired SLTPD fully cooperated in the FBI’s investigation of the corrupt officer and was happy to see him go. You’re protesting something that isn’t there.

  4. I agree with Jonny that we need to act smarter, but we also need protesters that are peaceful. Actually, we need a documentary that explains the loophole allowing corruption . reveals that El Dorado County officials take advantage of a loophole in the Constitution. So they are not violating it, according to Bogan v. Scott-Harris, or Alden v. Maine. But there is a clear departure identifed where they do violate it. This is described in Norse v. Santa Cruz, which points out the flaw in Bogan, that EDC currently allows to ellude them, at great proffit. I will be there down fall. Recently, in the 2011 9th Circuit certiorari appeal by county officials to SCOTUS; Robert Norse, silently, from the back of a city counsel meeting room raised his arm in a Nazi Salute Hail Hitler, after a woman was ejected for speaking beyond her time. He was removed from the court and arrested for resisting arrest. He had a right to do this, from the ole FTW case, Cohen v. California. The Ninth Circuit told the county that, “we will not let you rewrite the first amendment, and engage in doublespeak.” The county Appealed to the Supreme Court and they rejected it because it is well established law, even though the Supreme Court ended the first amendment publically but hiding it in Bogan v. Scott-Harris rhetoric. It is well established that you can now associate officials as Nazi’s if you feel they abuse their authority. Expelling this man, again regardless of whose policy it is unconstitutional, or at least, to controversial, to get SCOTUS to reiterate Bogan. In fact they claimed that citizens undaunted by the fact “redress will not be tolerated by law….” should not have the audacity to “redress” grievances, because it was “well settled and long standing.” Everybody already knows this for sure. Just because a policy no longer turns a blind eye to lynching, lesser abuses should not be tolerated! Especially perpetrated by former abuse victims when they gain power.

    Norse brings up a very understandable maxim in the argument of immunity. Policy in legislation that denies rights others have to an individual are “ad hoc” and this “abrogates immunity,” see Kaahumanu v. Maui, 9th 2004; refering to Bogan v. Scott-Harris, “affecting many people” abuses have immunity. This is a 2010 case. So even though, “Ad Hoc” cases, such as this flag protester abrogate immunity, a new precedent may appear, or they again will remand back to the district courts to screw with this guys head for another 10 years. Sometimes the county’s just settle, sometimes they abuse again, and start another appeal on other merits. The point is, redress of grievance is not tolerated, and is a futile attempt, only reserved for landmark decisions that would make ruling against an overt deception. Very selective discrimination now, from ole school out right corruption broadcast by the news. Today, the news prints what will not get them retaliation!

  5. Correction “I will be their downfall” is a type o should say “It will be there downfall.” But if the shoe fits! Again, my web sites and personal views, are of peaceful nature. I support the methods of Gandhi and Martin Luther King jr.! Harm to no one! We have a great country and constitution once we abandon the 11th amendment. But it will interfere with the Judge Wagoners of the world who act like medieval tyrant inquistors, dispite warnings from the Judicial Counsel, see

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