SLTPD Police Boat Peals out of Camp Rich in So. Lake Tahoe causing safety risks, property damage and violating TRPA wake laws

sltpdboatThis video shows the reckless behavior and careless attitude of SLTPD officers who were hanging out at Camp Richardson instead of patrolling the lake.

Even if the emergency call was a capsized boat, these guys should have been on their boat to begin with instead of hanging out at the beach at camp Richardson where they have private security.



As they say – Camp Rich is a  “A Sunny spot for shady people”.

The youtube comments are interesting:


IrishmenV8 5 months ago

The police up here in south lake tahoe are assholes. PERIOD! They do what they want when they want. They will throw on their lights just to go through a red light and not stop. There is no rush, they just don’t want to stop. This is a great video showing how careless and reckless they are.

JordanGray88 6 months ago

  • You must not know SLTPD…. They turn their lights and siren on just to go get some coffee

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  • jmaster38

    jmaster38 6 months ago

    LOL LOL LOL that’s hilarious. Yeah they only had an hour to make it there before they were gone!

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  • jmaster38

    jmaster38 6 months ago

    police weren’t kind enough to watch THE WAKE!

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  • angelofdeath201

    angelofdeath201 9 months ago

    I remember this call capsize boat call our fire marine unit went as well with sheriff and vessel assist

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  • brianmcfarland76

    brianmcfarland76 9 months ago

    They were giving away free donuts at Zephyr cove that day…

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  • TSewell91

    TSewell91 10 months ago

    What an ignorant little… (speaking of the commentator of course). It doesn’t matter if it’s on land or water; everyone gripes about the police vehicles “flying around” until they are the ones in need. If they’re in need it’s usually, “What took you so long?!” I applaud the officers for not pulling out of the marina at break-neck speeds. They showed restraint knowing that it was crowded and possibly swimmers in the marina. Good job guys!

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  • DennyRec

    DennyRec 1 year ago

    I worked water patrol, and if we got the right call, it’s lights and sirens. People would talk to us later, and tell us about a wake in a non wake area. Did you have to leave like that our boat scrapped the dock. On the dick on, we tell them, they make bumpers for that. The life and death calls, we didn’t talk to them, except if it you, you would have wanted us there faster. How stupid is stupid

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  • unknownshmo

    unknownshmo 1 year ago

    “That must have been an emergency”

    No sh*t! Where else do you think they would be going with lights and siren? Of course its an emergency! They are going to help someone!

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