Former SLTPD Johnny Poland officer receives 18-month prison sentence

Johnny-PolandJohnny Gerald Poland, 45, a former South Lake Tahoe police officer, was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months in prison for one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, according to a U.S. Department of Justice news release.

Poland pleaded guilty in May to the one federal obstruction charge.

A federal complaint was issued Jan. 22 by Christopher Campion, a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, citing Poland with five federal obstruction charges.

Within Campion’s complaint, the agent stated law enforcement received “uncorroborated information” that Poland, as a South Tahoe High School resource officer from 20-06, “made sexual advancements on minor students, failed to arrest high school students for illicit drug possession, had a sexual relationship with C1 (a minor at the time whose name was withheld from documents and alleged methamphetamine addict), disclosed law enforcement identities, and identified law enforcement (SLTPD) residence locations.” Continue reading

Pissed-off citizens from Tahoe to Placerville form political PAC called Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption

vern pierson is as corrupt as hellPissed-off citizens of El Dorado County, CA consisting of the west slope area of Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Georgetown, Shingle Springs, Fair Play, Pollock Pines, Camino and all the way to South Lake Tahoe have formed political PAC called Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption or to take on local county corruption.

Citizens are outraged to learn of the escalating wrongdoings, eyebrow raising salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, double dipping, and vendettas by county officials primarily in the El Dorado County District Attorney office under the watch of Vern Pierson and William “Bill” Clark.

Please see the full story here:

SLTPD Officer Johnny Poland GUILTY, could get 20 years in federal prison

Johnny-PolandJohnny Poland will never be a police officer again after pleading guilty May 22 to a federal crime.

By Kathryn Reed

South Lake Tahoe police Officer Johnny Poland is going to prison.

Poland pleaded guilty today to obstruction of an official proceeding. This was one of four charges leveled against the 44-year-old earlier this year.

He will be sentenced Aug. 7.

He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars, a $250,000 fine and three years of supervised released.

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South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland expected to plea guilty

South Lake Tahoe Police corruption Johnny Poland
Johnny Poland if you are reading, we invite you to tell you side of the story on SLTPD WATCH. We have heard good and bad. Some people think Mr. Poland was guilty and a sinner.  Other have said Mr. Poland was a good cop and SLTPD took him out for retaliation.
The charges do not look good, but we also know Mr. Poland could have been been coerced into a “plea bargin”.  Again, the charges do not look good against Poland, n or do the people who were victims of Mr. Poland’s wrongdoings.
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Cal. ( & KRNV) – South Lake Tahoe police officer, Johnny Poland is expected to plea guilty next week to federal charges according to LakeTahoeNews.Net.

Poland was indicted in early 2013 on three counts related to tampering with a witness and one count of obstruction of an official proceeding.

According to court documents, Poland was caught up in a love triangle with a gang member’s girlfriend and he tried to help drug traffickers evade police and throw investigators off their path.

A criminal complaint filed in January says a probe uncovered allegations of Poland’s misconduct dating to October 2003 when he allegedly engaged in sexual activity with a 17-year-old female student while he was a school resource officer at South Lake Tahoe High School.

Protesting resumes at South Lake Tahoe Police Dept. and El Dorado DA for 2013 season

Lake Tahoe cop watchers

We thought the SLTPD got the message during the January 2013 protest in front of their office that home owners, business owners, taxpayers, citizens, locals and tourists we’re tired of the corruption. After all the Johny Poland case was national news at the same time and exposed the SLTPD corruption to the entire nation!

We did not start this. We are not ANTI COP, or ANTI Government – we’re ANTI CORRUPTION.

We’ll after learning about the SLTPD smashing faces in the ground because a person took a picture of them, we were OUTRAGED and demand that the video is turned over

Complaints were filed only to be quashed by the SLTPD “Internal Affairs” department which is really not a department, it’s just a superior cop covering up for his fellow cop… This is the “Blue Line” where cops protect cops and coverup their crimes. This is why Johnny Poland got away with everything for years… It takes people like us to expose the corruption and force the change that is needed to prevent this kind of tyranny.

Our group has expanded with more people and more signs.  Look for protests to happen on a continuations schedule and all around town in the most high profile areas like the SLTPD office, Stateline Casino corridor, the Y and Commons Beach on Hyw. 50.

We are networked with cop block and other popular websites and are joining forces with Carson City, Reno, Placerville and surrounding areas to protest these matters in front of the courts, Sheriff offices and newspapers.

We did not start this. We are not ANTI COP, or ANTI Government – we’re ANTI CORRUPTION.

South Lake Tahoe police


Flashback: SLTPD October 2007 an independent outside study and where we are now

In October 2007 an independent outside study was performed on the South Lake Tahoe Police Department (“SLTPD”). The report asked employees for anonymous feedback and valuable data was received and plans were set in place to transform the SLTPD. Fast forward to 2013 and has the SLTPD transformed into a more positive police force or are problems still remaining?

We know from personal experience that the SLTPD has good people working there as staff and as officers.
However, the data shows that problems exist and our experience shows a need to reevaluate the SLTPD from the top down. Ask the real questions anonymously and have an outside study suggest what can be done to improve the situations.

We are not ANTI COP, we’re just ANTI Corruption and pro Constitution and thus a threat to tyranny everywhere. We are Legion.


A new group calling themselves Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe has started up after another SLTPD situation

tahoe cop watch

fvck youA new group calling themselves Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe has started up after a situation where South Lake Tahoe resident calling himself Mike “Underdogtahoe” Smith was beat up for video recording South Lake Tahoe,  California police illegally crossing State lines into the Stateline, Nevada casino district using canine (“K9″) dogs to search patrons of a place called the Raw Bar near the Montblue casino.

See the Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe Facebook site:

See the Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe YOUTUBE channel:

Website: Nevada Cop Block

It was Mike “Underdogtahoe” Smith’s belief that he had the right to take a video of the police officers, and we would concur. tahoe cop watchers

Mike simply took some video with his Iphone camera of what he thought was an odd situation of California police basically checking people in Nevada for drugs with a dog in a bar… We concur that this would be a jurisdiction issue  of California cops patrolling in Nevada and illegal search using Californaia  K9 units in Nevada with no probable cause.  this was not a SLEDNET operation and Douglas county is not associated with SLEDNET according to their website.

SLTPD Officer Josh Adler assaulted and arrested Mike for “obstruction”  even though Mike did not obstruct anything, he was simply taking a video of Adler which he had the right to do with out the harassment, arrest and illegal use of excessive force.

Mike was actually arrested by the Douglas County Sheriff and he has a court date soon. In the mean time, the DCSO has his Iphone camera and has not provided Mike with his property or the video of the entire situation.

We’ll be updating this story as it develops.

Tahoe Mountain News covers Ty Robben’s South Lake Tahoe Police protest

Lake Tahoe News covers South Lake Tahoe Police protest by Ty Robben.  We will updated this story with links to evidence, videos, pictures, court filings and police reports and correspondence.

See the story at

Lake Tahoe News covers South Lake Tahoe Police protest by Ty Robben

Lake Tahoe News covers South Lake Tahoe Police protest by Ty Robben

South Lake Tahoe Police protest

SLTPD police protest story 1SLTPD police protest story 2SLTPD police protest story 34


Tahoe Tribune covers the South Lake Tahoe Police protest

Tahoe TribeunePolice protest draws handful of supporters
Ty Robben was pushing the envelope regarding the city’s sign ordinances.
Reno resident Mike Weston, left, and South Lake Tahoe resident Ty Robben string up oversized crime scene tape during a police protest along Al Tahoe Boulevard Monday afternoon.
Reno resident Mike Weston, left, and South Lake Tahoe resident Ty Robben string up oversized crime scene tape during a  police protest along Al Tahoe Boulevard Monday afternoon. Adam Jensen / Tahoe Daily Tribune
A man who is upset about South Lake Tahoe Police Department’s handling of an incident involving bounty hunters at a Sierra Tract home protested alleged police corruption Monday.Todd “Ty” Robben unfurled oversized crime-scene tape and posted numerous signs on Al Tahoe Boulevard Monday afternoon alleging malfeasance by police.Robben is angered by the department’s response to an October incident in which he says Nevada bounty hunters illegally entered his Pinter Avenue house to serve a misdemeanor contempt of court warrant out of Nevada without the required documentation from California.He said he was shocked with a Taser during the incident, but escaped what he considers an attempted kidnapping by the bounty hunters.“What I’m saying is justice delayed is justice denied,” Robben said at the start of Monday’s demonstration. “They’re not giving me a straight answer on the delay.”

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler was surprised by the protest, saying he has been in contact with Robben regarding the status of the investigation as recently as Friday.

The department has made “steady progress” on the investigation of the bounty hunters’ behavior, Uhler said. He questioned the need for urgency on the incident because it does not present an ongoing threat to public safety.

The police chief also questioned the use of language on some of the protest signs that could be offensive to some and said Robben was pushing the envelope regarding the city’s sign ordinances. He said the department supports people’s constitutional rights to free speech and didn’t want to make a big deal about the possible infractions.

Police have submitted information on the October incident to the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office, Uhler said. Whether or not criminal charges will arise form the incident is unknown.

The District Attorney’s Office sent the investigation of the incident back to police in December for further information gathering last month. Assistant District Attorney Hans Uthe said on Tuesday afternoon that documentation of the incident was re-submitted to prosecutors about 10 a.m. Monday.

Despite the signs alleging corruption, Robben said he doesn’t feel that most police are corrupt, but said that it is up to them to prove they are not. He said he hoped the protest would bring exposure to people with similar complaints.

“This is what we can do as citizens,” Robben said, describing himself as a patriot.”

Three people were at the protest when it started around noon. Several people stopped by to inquire about the reasons for the signs.

Fliers advertising the protest included a picture of recently arrested South Lake Tahoe police officer Johnny Poland. Robben said the protest was planned prior to Poland’s arrest.

This is not the first time Robben has used protests to draw attention to alleged corruption by government officials.

Robben organized similar protests in front of the Nevada Attorney General’s Office in April, alleging the Carson City Court Clerk’s Office manipulated transcripts and improperly allowed the Nevada Attorney General’s Office to file court documents late in his fight to be reinstated to a job with the Nevada Department of Taxation, according to an article in the Nevada Appeal.

In September 2009 Robben filed a lawsuit alleging he was the victim of discrimination and was demoted after bringing complaints to managers.

Robben was arrested in Carson City in August on misdemeanor counts of assault and breach of peace for an incident in which he says he was legally attempting to serve a subpoena on Nevada Department of Transportation Director Susan Martinovich earlier in the month, according to the article.

Robben said that Martinovich ran over his toe with a car while he was attempting to serve the subpoena, the Appeal reported. Martinovich has said she felt threatened during the incident and was later granted a restraining order against Robben.

Prosecutors said Robben pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge to settle the case in November, according to a subsequent Nevada Appeal article.

Note: The “disorderly conduct charge” charge is delayed and Ty Robben has not been convicted of that trumped up charge.

— The Associated Press contributed to this story.

Interesting story from the past: For a city manager that continues to boast about being transparent, he muddied the waters.

Lake Tahoe News


The public has a right to know people with connections are treated the same as someone without – especially when this town has a history of favoritism.

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler was unaware his adult daughter went to El Dorado County traffic court on an infraction issued from a different agency.

He let Lake Tahoe News know about this on Saturday. His boss, City Manager Tony O’Rourke, knew none of the facts until after chastising Lake Tahoe News for inquiring about the issue.

O’Rourke continued to personally to attack this reporter through a series of emails for her initial question to Uhler: “Can you tell me anything about why your daughter was in court on a speeding ticket?”

Uhler told Lake Tahoe News his daughter wanted to handle this without him knowing about it. It was a basic speeding ticket.

Instead of the city trying to “spin” this into how this police chief does not ask for special treatment for his offspring, O’Rourke made it a story by denying the media public information. That was the story. For a city manager that continues to boast about being transparent, he muddied the waters.

The public has a right to know people with connections are treated the same as someone without – especially when this town has a history of favoritism.

– Kathryn Reed


Comments (10)
  1. X LOCAL says – POSTED: AUGUST 7, 2011


    Excellent Story.
    It kind of insures what I have been saying about The City Manager, Soon all of the citizens of South Lake Tahoe will see the other side of TONY O’ROURKE.
    This man has caused more unrest and caused a huge MORAL problem throughout the City employees, I have not found 1 employee that is happy with his actions.
    If I had a job that they gave me $200,000 dollars a year to perform, everyone would be happy! even the tax payer. It’s time for the Council to look at this man and look to the future of the City.
    Tony O’Rourke is destroying this City almost as much as Hal Cole and Tom Davis and the rest of the council for allowing it to continue.


Ted Long, former Lake Tahoe city council member and foreperson of the El Dorado County Grand Jury – Says “Rights for one equals rights for all”

We were inspired by the local South Lake Tahoe Mountain News guest editorial written by Ted Long. Original story is found here  –

Ted Long, former Lake Tahoe city council member and foreperson of the El Dorado County Grand Jury – Says “Rights for one equals rights for all”

Ted Long

Ted Long

When you ask most people, “what is the Cost of freedom?” They will answer war, defending our country and our way of life.
While this is certainly true, it must be remembered that even a dictator will go to war to defend his power. Others mention taxes as the cost of freedom. While this argument may be defended. it is more accurate to say taxes finance the benefits and opportunity ties of freedom, and again, even repressive societies have taxes. If we examine history and the nature of freedom, it becomes apparent that freedom is really the ability of each of us to a life without fear from the very people we appoint or elect to protect us — the firewall between the citizens and the army  for example, with the elected president the commander-in-chief of the military.

In a very real way, our police, our district attorneys ,our judges and those others sworn to enforce the laws  – are a closer threat to our freedom.

Take the police. for example. If they could be used to arrest. and detain innocent people just because the official does not like them and is threatened by them or sees some opportunity for power. then the individual is really at their mercy.

The Eastern world today is going to the streets, risking death for these very rights. No,  I contend that the real cost of freedom is the enforcement of our basic Bill of Rights,  in particular the Fifth Amendment that gives each of us the right to a speedy trial, the right to an attorney, the right to bail and the right against self-incrimination. Without these rights. there is no freedom . The power goes to the force with the guns, those that control the process. Hitler, for example, saw this clearly in his takeover of Germany in 1936. He knew that if he did not get control of  the police and the courts. he would have no chance. Remember Germany at the time was the home of some of the brightest, smartest people on the planet. They gave us rockets, Einstein and the atomic bomb.

The problem in our country  is not a Hitler, it is that we have had these rights for a long time and we take them for granted. Most people will not admit it,  but they do believe that if a person is arrested, they must be guilty, when in fact our basic rights say, “innocent until proven guilty.” A jury does not say ” innocent,” they say ” not guilty” in acquitting someone. In other words. the burden is not the crime alleged, but the ability to prove it, lawfully.

Occasionally we arc upset by the video of a Rodney King police beating or the conviction of a police officer for forcing sex on a female during II traffic stop in the back of his squad car. but for the most part we fail to notice when our chosen officials abuse their power.

One of the most well-known cases, Arizona vs. Miranda, clearly let a probably guilty man free, because the authorities abused his rights and the court made it clear that the process docs matter, and that the freedom of one man is the cost of freedom for all of us. They recognized that it’s easy to force a confession or to detain someone until they confess. Think about it, when a person disappears into the system, do you really know what’s true?

Literally hundreds of inmates are currently being released because of the new science of DNA that shows their innocence. What if one was you?
Gino DeMatteo is a current example. The district attorney, Vern Pierson, ignored pleas from his attorney to sit down and talk, he ignored offers  of cooperation and instead spent tens of thousands of taxpayer money in a failed attempt to destroy Mr. DeMatteo.

He sent over 20 heavily armed officers to his place of business to make an arrest for a non violent crime, when Gino’s attorney offered to cooperate and would have surrendered him at no cost, he sent the SWAT team to search an empty house.

He already had the owners in jail.  He threw a bomb into the house without regard to the presence of innocent people. He imprisoned him in Placerville, 50 miles away. when there is a jail blocks away in South Lake Tahoe only to raise the cost and difficulty of his defense.  He made bail as difficult as possible and to top it of, arrested his wife and held her for
three days over a holiday weekend, releasing her with no charges only because she refused to speak badly about her husband.

And, as predicted,  all charges were dismissed, but only after the reputations of two citizens were destroyed and the taxpayers spend thousands of dollars on Mr. Pierson’s vendetta.  Even worse, in my opinion, is the reaction of so many citizens, that Gino must be guilty, so let’s not question the authorities. Questioning, that is the responsibility, the source of freedom.

The district attorney has refused to comment, to explain, to offer any proof of his charges.  At best he says. “the investigation is on going.” I don’t believe him. There is no investigation.

There was no case to start with,  I know the feds are now involved,  but their charges have nothing to do with the district attorneys. Their case is totally independent and based on different facts.
No,  the fact is the district attorney dismissed because he had no case and his only reaction was to accuse me of some political agenda, which I don’t have but even if I did, so what?

He can not abuse his office this way. The people of Egypt are in the streets, risking their lives for these basic rights. We are asleep, under the blanket, “That it will not a happen to me” theory. Don’t be to sure,  and there is the money lost when the government is broke.

Ted Long is a former Lake Tahoe city council member and was foreperson of the  El Dorado County Grand Jury. He served as chairman of LAFO and is a past president of the League of California Cities Sacramento division covers the South Lake Tahoe Police protest

Residents protest South Lake Tahoe police LTnews

south lake tahoe Posted by admin in News on January 28th, 2013

Corrupt law enforcement in South Lake Tahoe?

That’s what some people believe. And they took to the streets Monday to make their feelings known.

Ty Robben organized the Jan. 28 demonstration along Al Tahoe Boulevard. Robben’s issues started last fall when bounty hunters busted down his door. He’s been waiting for the South Lake Tahoe cops to finish the report. He even went to the City Council meeting last week to plead the electeds to intervene to speed up the process.

By the end of last week the report was done and passed on to the District Attorney’s Office.

But Robben said he is having a hard time getting a copy of the report.

One of the signs at the Jan. 28 protest in South Lake Tahoe. Photo/Provided

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City of South Lake Tahoe sued over taser incident caused by SLTPD police

Former preschool teacher sues city over stun gun incident
By Dylan Silver
Tuesday, February 7, 2012
See the Federal Court lawsuit here: SLTPD taser lawsuit
South Lake Tahoe Police taser lawsuit

South Lake Tahoe Police taser lawsuit

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — A former preschool teacher at Under the Magic Pine Tree is suing the city of South Lake Tahoe, numerous police and fire officials and ambulance operators in federal court over an incident last year that his attorney said quite literally forced him into the hospital.

The lawsuit alleges that police officers and paramedics ignored Roland Haas’ right to deny medical treatment and used excessive force when they made him visit Barton Memorial Hospital last year. He is seeking an undisclosed amount in compensatory damages.

The city has declined to comment on the lawsuit. Police do not have a report of the incident, but there is record of officers responding to a “medical assistance” call at the preschool, said department spokesman Dave Stevenson.

The following account was taken from the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Sacramento last week.

Haas was working at the preschool about 3 p.m. March 23 when he felt lightheaded. The 30-year-old teacher stepped into the hallway and fell to the ground. Someone called 911.

By the time paramedics arrived in an ambulance, Haas was standing on his own in front of the mirror in the school’s bathroom. He declined medical treatment, but paramedics insisted Haas get in their ambulance and be driven across the street to Barton Memorial Hospital, according to the suit.

“For one thing he didn’t feel he needed to and for another he didn’t want to get slapped with a bill for an ambulance,” said Haas’ lawyer Edward Rizzuto Monday.

Haas continued to decline the ambulance, saying he would walk to the hospital or get a ride from a coworker. According to the complaint, the paramedics said he didn’t have a choice. At this time, Haas went back into his classroom. The paramedics called the South Lake Tahoe police for assistance.

Police officers entered Haas’ classroom, ordered everyone but Haas to leave and told him he had to comply with the paramedics, according to the complaint. Again, Haas said he did not want medical treatment and would not be taken to Barton in an ambulance. He then moved toward the exit of the classroom.

The complaint alleges police tackled and used a stun gun up to three times on Haas. Once he was restrained, the paramedics injected him with Midazolam, a potent tranquilizer, according to the complaint.

“After plaintiff Roland Haas has been tackled, restrained, seized, handcuffed, drive-stun tasered three times, injected with a tranquilizer, and hobbled (by shackles), the police officers and the paramedics forced plaintiff Roland Haas onto an ambulance gurney, placed additional restraints upon his body and placed him inside an ambulance in order to transport him to Barton Memorial Hospital,” Rizzuto said in the complaint.

South Lake Tahoe Police State

South Lake Tahoe Police State

Emergency room staff discharged Haas in 13 minutes, according to the complaint. He then underwent a mental health

evaluation by a representative from the El Dorado County Department of Mental Health. Haas was determined not to be a danger in any way to himself or others, according to the complaint.

Haas is suing on the grounds that the police and paramedics violated his right to refuse medical treatment and used excessive force. Haas was not arrested on any charges. He returned to the hospital that night to receive a diagnosis of wounds he received during the scuffle with the police and paramedics, according to the complaint.

Haas left Under the Magic Pine Tree about six months ago of his own accord, said owner Kandice Bailey.


South Lake Tahoe Police State

South Lake Tahoe Police State

A police state is a state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the population. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianism and social control, and there is usually little or no distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive.

The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.[3]

As the maintenance of a standing police force became common in the late 19th and early 20th century, the term “police state” came to be used more commonly to refer only to when a police force was used “too” strenuously, in a “rigid and repressive” way, as under fascism, crony capitalism, and in retroactive application to oppressive/repressive historic incidents like the French Revolution and the Roman Empire.[4][5]

Video raises concerns about South Lake Tahoe SWAT team’s actions

South Lake Tahoe SWATSOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KRNV & – A video obtained exclusively by News 4 is raising new questions about how law enforcement handled an investigation into the possible bribery of a South Lake Tahoe City Council member.

The home video from neighbors of bribery suspect Gino Dimatteo you can see at least 12 armed swat team members throwing a flash bang into his house while trying to execute a search warrant.

“If anybody would have been in the hallway approaching the door, it probably would have killed them,” defense attorney Ted Long said. “This is crazy. This is cowboy. This is wild west and citizens ought to be frightened.”

Long says officers knew the house was empty because his client was already detained at a separate search of another location. Long says he had the keys to the house and was offering to go unlock it.

“How are you going to justify this when you’ve got the suspect in custody and an attorney standing there with a key saying I’ll corporate with you. How do you justify this?” he said.

News 4 tried to get answers from the sheriff’s office, but they have not yet returned our request for comment.

Long is asking the El Dorado County Grand Jury to look into how this case was handled.

El Dorado County Grand Jury – what is it?

The grand jurors’ view: What is a grand jury?


El Dorado County Grand Jury.

Where did it come from, what does it do and how does it work?  Many citizens have a limited understanding of their county grand jury.

Hopefully, you will find this introductory article about your county grand jury informative. It was prepared by members of the El Dorado County Grand Jurors Association, a volunteer organization of current and former California grand jurors.

My Turn Mug  Chuck MacLean Democrat photo by Pat DollinsMy Turn Mug Chuck MacLean Democrat photo by Pat Dollins

Our association’s purpose is to support the grand jury process and provide educational information to all residents of El Dorado County. We thank the Mountain Democrat and its affiliates for distributing periodic articles under the banner, “The grand jurors’ view.” We invite all readers to look for future updates.

The grand jury first started in the 12th century in England to serve the king.  Through the centuries, it grew into protecting ordinary citizens against those that governed. Our country’s first formal grand jury was established in Massachusetts in 1635 and the concept soon spread to all colonies and expanded to include civil oversight of government by the late 1600s.

The U.S. Constitution first referenced the grand jury upon enactment of its Fifth Amendment, which notes indictment by a grand jury to answer for capital or otherwise infamous crimes.

The California Constitution has always recognized county grand juries and the reference remains today in Article 1, Section 23. Since 1851 the state Legislature has granted authority for the grand jury, which is found today in the California Penal Code under Sections 888-939. Early California laws allowed grand juries to inquire into public prisons, later laws specified powers to investigate county government, and then further expansions included cities and special districts.

During the 1890s a number of California county grand juries, led by a widely publicized case in San Francisco, investigated and exposed major corruption in their local governments and gained the favor and strong backing of California voters.

After England abandoned its centuries-old grand jury system in 1933, many states moved to reform the authority of their grand juries and limit their oversight of government. While a number of states have some limited form of grand juries today, usually dedicated to criminal indictments, California continues with a fully functioning grand jury system.

California’s current grand jury system provides for regular grand juries in each of the state’s 58 counties, which are impaneled by the Superior Court once a year. The regular grand jury serves for one year and is primarily dedicated to oversight of all governmental agencies within a given county.

While the regular grand jury retains the legal power to cast indictments for criminal violations, the Superior Court in each county may also impanel an additional grand jury at the request of the district attorney to serve for a limited period of time to investigate specific allegations of criminal violations by one or more individuals.

California’s county grand jury system, providing a watchful check-and-balance on local government, is a powerful example of democracy in action unique not only to our country but the world today.

Chuck MacLean is president of the El Dorado County Grand Jurors Association. Contact him at or at PO Box 383, Placerville 95667.

Discussion | 1 comment

  • Pat HamerJanuary 26, 2013 – 12:01 pm

    Through the centuries, it grew into protecting ordinary citizens against those that governed. California laws… specified powers to investigate county government, and then further expansions included cities and special districts. Chuck, to finish your article, it should say: However, the above quotes are not tolerated in El Dorado County, and as a member of the Local Press, when our grand jury is asked to investigate, “… protecting ordinary citizens against those that governed” who are acting outside of the law,” We journalists, cannot take the objective unbiased approach, we must aid in “Fundamentally misconstruing facts,” in order that we do not get fired. For instance. Where is the story about Judge James Wagoner, the serial constituent molester, repeatedly found guilty of abuse of power by using County and State funds to torture, threaten, jail, steal assets of citizen. Was not he the so-called “Grand Jury Advisor?” Your article says, “Through the centuries, it [grand jury] grew into protecting ordinary citizens against those that governed. However, as you can see, “those that govern, such as James Wagoner, has infiltrated and made ineffective, the “protecting” part. Here is the Judicial Counsel article stating the perverted illegal crimes against “ordinary,” non criminal civil right activists. No wonder you rarely see African Americans in this county! These white bigots, eat their own young! In actuality, our precious United States of America, are only as corrupt as the press allows them to be. Hey, you know that monument at the end of Cedar Ravine and Main Street? It says it was dedicated by Druids? What’s all that about? Inquiring minds want to know! John F. Kennedy was talking about arbitrary external abuses of the press regarding the press, and “secret societies” prior to his assassination. How did the “arbitrary restrictions” become internalized?” Now the press voluntarily covers up open corruption, creating injustice in the outcomes of elections, that, if the truth be known, would possibly benefit all mankind, accept for you and your friend the MT (empty) democrat protect. JFK speech

ANTI-Corruption movement targets SLTPD at January 28, 2013 demonstration

An injustice 2 1 is an injustice 2 all

South Lake Tahoe Police - End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police – End the corruption

Hillbilly Justice will not be tolerated

South Lake Tahoe Police - End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police – End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police - End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police – End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police - End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police – End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police - End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police – End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police - End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police – End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police - End the corruption

South Lake Tahoe Police – End the corruption

who is this fella?
who is this fella?


Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

lady fucking justice

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RICO predicate offenses

Under the law, the meaning of racketeering activity is set out at 18 U.S.C. § 1961. As currently amended it includes:

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows for the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed someone who told a man to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually do it.

RICO was enacted by section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (Pub.L. 91–452, 84 Stat. 922, enacted October 15, 1970). RICO is codified as Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. § 1961–1968. While its original use in the 1970s was to prosecute the Mafia as well as others who were actively engaged in organized crime, its later application has been more widespread.

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Justice delayed is justice denied

For the SLTPD to delay a criminal investigation, withhold evidence, cover it up and slow ball the victim is an injustice.

An injustice to one is an injustice to all – MLK.

From January 22, 2013 South Lake Tahoe City Council meeting.

South Lake Tahoe Police fail to investigate serious crime in South Lake Tahoe, CA when a taxpayer is assaulted with tasers after his door is kicked in by Nevada agents acting as “bounty hunters” without proper warrants pursuant to CA penal code 847.5 – plus the victim was not a fugitive or absconding.

“Justice delayed is justice denied” is a legal maxim meaning that if legal redress is available for a party that has suffered some injury, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no redress at all. This principle is the basis for the right to a speedy trial and similar rights which are meant to expedite the legal system, because it is unfair for the injured party to have to sustain the injury with little hope for resolution.

The phrase has become a rallying cry for legal reformers who view courts or governments as acting too slowly in resolving legal issues either because the existing system is too complex or overburdened, or because the issue or party in question lacks political favour.

justice delayed is justice denied

justice delayed is justice denied

Corruption, Underage group sex, gangbanger connections, meth and more in alleged in South Lake Tahoe Police officer’s arrest

Next door to corrupt Nevada and just 30 minutes away from corrupt Carson City, NV lies the mountain resort community of South Lake Tahoe, CA.  We’ll be addressing the corruption pollution blowing into South Lake Tahoe, CA from Carson City, NV in an upcoming post.  At the time we’re getting ready to write the post, this story popped up in the local media:

South Lake Tahoe Police corruption Johnny Poland

South Lake Tahoe Police corruption Johnny Poland


Good to see the SLTPD cleaning up corruption.

See the Federal Complaint here in Adobe Acrobat .PDF: Johnny Poland federal complaint

Johnny Poland

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler discussed SLTPD corruption scandal

Officer Johnny Poland, Tribune file photo

By Adam Jensen

Police officer John “Johnny” Poland allegedly used his position of power to groom teenage girls for sex and provide sensitive police information to people connected to gang members, according to a criminal complaint filed this week. And when the police officer looked liked he might get caught, he told his sexual partners to get rid of the evidence, according to the FBI.
Poland, 44, was arrested at the South Lake Tahoe Police Department about 10 a.m. Wednesday while picking up paperwork, according to Police Chief Brian Uhler.

FBI Agent Chris Campion filed a 12-page criminal complaint against Poland on Tuesday. The complaint charges Poland with five federal counts related to witness tampering and persuading a person to conceal evidence in an official proceeding. The maximum sentence for each count is 20 years in prison.
Poland was aware of a federal investigation into his activities and was on paid administrative leave since November 2011. He will be on unpaid administrative leave starting Thursday, Uhler said.
Poland was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail Wednesday, according to online booking information. It is unknown whether he has an attorney.
Campion’s complaint paints a portrait of a police officer with personal connections to gang members who was a pedophile trying to exploit vulnerable girls for sex.
Much of the criminal complaint centers around Poland’s sexual relationship with a woman identified only as “C1.” The woman, who was a girlfriend of a suspected drug trafficker and gang member, told investigators Poland gave her information about police operations on several occasions.
During one such occasion, in June 2011, Poland was recorded making calls on his personal cell phone in a police patrol vehicle, Campion wrote. During one of the conversations, he gave information about upcoming search warrants to people familiar with C1, according to the complaint. One of the searches later turned up a significant amount of methamphetamine.
“In particular, there was one recorded call in which Poland is heard giving detailed notice (location information, target information, agency involvement and suspected violation information) of the pending execution of the warrants,” Campion wrote in the court document. “In the recorded call, Poland admitted that–during the briefing–he withheld and failed to reveal to the agencies conducting the searches and federal investigators his sexual relationship with C1, his familiarity with C1’s criminal activity and associates, and his familiarity with C1’s residence (one of the search locations.)”
Campion alleges Poland then coached the woman on how to respond if contacted by investigators, encouraging her to delete information from her phone and telling her to say she didn’t know about her boyfriend’s alleged drug-dealing. Poland would admit to knowing about the drug dealing in one of the recorded conversations documented in the complaint.
The woman, whose age is not included in the document, also told investigators Poland would provide vehicle registration information from police databases to her and her acquaintances. Poland also gave her information on whether a drug dealer had an active warrant out for their arrest, according to the complaint. At one point, investigators observed Poland in “close association” with gang members at a funeral.
On several occasions, Poland encouraged the C1 to destroy evidence included under a grand jury subpoena she had received.
Poland also allegedly gave out internal police information to another woman he had a sexual relationship with, a 23-year-old he met while working as the School Resource Officer at South Tahoe High School. He shared information with her about federal search warrants about people she was familiar with and provided her with her own internal police file, according to Campion. The complaint alleges he coached the woman to tell investigators that she did not know about drug trafficking by C1’s boyfriend.
Some of the most lurid allegations in the complaint stem from Poland’s work at the high school from approximately 2003 to 2006. The complaint alleges Poland had sexual relationships with two underage girls he met while working at the school.
After initially denying a sexual relationship with Poland, one woman, referred to as “Victim 1″ in the complaint, told investigators that she engaged in sexual activity with Poland while she was a 17-year-old senior at the high school. Poland was 35 at the time.
she engaged in sexual activity with Poland while she was a 17-year-old senior at the high school. Poland was 35 at the time.
The meetings took place at secluded spots Poland chose and happened while Poland was on and off duty, according to the woman’s statement. She said she did not have sexual intercourse with him until after her 18th birthday and her graduation from high school.

An ANTI-Corruption demonstration/protest will be held Monday at high noon January 28, 2013 @ SLTPD office on Al Tahoe Blvd.

An ANTI-Corruption demonstration/protest will be held

Monday at high noon January 28, 2013

in front of the SLT Police Dept on Al Tahoe Blvd.

south lake tahoe police protest zone

south lake tahoe police protest zone


We’ll have the world’s largest CRIME SCENE banner

and other professional signs demanding competency, honesty and transparency into South Lake Tahoe Police law enforcement.

The SLTPD also must complete police investigations and not cover them up!  No more lies, slow-balling and whitewashing to protect corrupt cronies.

Come on by, bring a sign and honk if you drive by.

Brian Uhler replaces embattled Terry Daniels as Chief of Police in So. Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler

Posted by admin in Featured Articles, News on November 2nd, 2010 | 10 responses

Updated Nov. 2, 2010, 12:36pm.

By Kathryn Reed

The first police chief hired from outside the department was sworn in this morning at the South Lake Tahoe City Council meeting.

Brian Uhler becomes the eighth chief, taking over a department that has had a rocky time of it in recent years, especially under the leadership of former Chief Terry Daniels. Capt. Martin Hewlett has been the leader of the department since the start of the year after Daniels left.

Terry Daniels South Tahoe police

Terry Daniels South Tahoe police

Several members of the police department were on hand as Uhler was sworn-in and given his badge at the end of the Nov. 2 council meeting. He said a few perfunctory words before the meeting was adjourned.

Uhler, 49, most recently was a captain in the UC San Francisco police force. He was laid off in August after two years on the job. Before that he spent 25 years with the Corpus Christi, Texas, police department. He retired as a commander.

Uhler has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in public administration, and is a graduate of the FBI Academy.

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SLTPD Chief Daniels leaving
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By Kathryn Reed

Embattled South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Terry Daniels is calling it quits after more than 27 years in law enforcement.

As part of a reorganization plan that will be before the City Council on Tuesday, a number of jobs are likely to go by the wayside. This doesn’t mean there won’t be a police chief or building inspector (Ron Ticknor may be retiring as well), but having people on the higher end of the pay scale retire will save money.

Terry Daniels

“Early retirement is being offered to the chief and to some line people,” City Manager Dave Jinkens told Lake Tahoe News on Friday night. “We are not trying to get rid of people.”

But the city is trying to eliminate positions in an attempt to save about $1 million a year.

Furlough days are still going to be part of the mix even with the retirements. It’s expected city workers will have to take four in December and then two days each month through September — the end of the fiscal year.

Most employees are also feeling a 9.23 percent cut in pay in 2009-10.

In addition to the restructuring of city government, the budget is also on the Nov. 17 agenda. The fiscal year began Oct. 1, therefore the city has been operating without a final budget.

Other people expected to leave the police department are officers Chuck Owens, who has been with the department for more than 20 years, has had stints on the FBI and local narcotics task force; and Scott Willson, who is currently the school resource officer at South Tahoe High School.

It is up to each employee if he wants to accept the golden handshake. They have 90 days to make up their minds.Retirements in the fire department and public works are also expected. “Our goal was the equivalent of five people,” Jinkens said. “It could be more.” Read more: Trump busted

Prior to taking the helm of the department, the chief, who was unavailable for comment, was involved in a slew of interesting cases.

He was on the force in 1989 when then Mayor Terry Trupp was arrested on a variety of federal crimes — mostly drug related in what the FBI called Operation Deep Snow. Trupp recently died after serving a number of years behind bars.

S. Lake Tahoe Mayor Accused in Drug, Money-Laundering Case
June 14, 1989|PAUL JACOBS and DANIEL M. WEINTRAUB | Times Staff Writers

SACRAMENTO — Undercover federal agents using wiretaps, videotapes and paid informants gained entry into an elaborate, statewide drug distribution and money-laundering network that included South Lake Tahoe Mayor Terry Trupp and his wife, Kimberly, according to court documents made available Tuesday.

The detailed court filings–affidavits used to support the multiple arrests–provide an insight into Trupp and the workings of illicit drug trade centered in the resort communities around Lake Tahoe, with money and cocaine being shuttled among suppliers and dealers in Orange County, Palm Springs and San Diego.

The accusations about the Trupps have stunned residents of the bustling Lake Tahoe resort city where Trupp presided as mayor. There had been whispering about his life style–about the source of his income, his yellow Maserati and fast motorcycles and his recent marriage to his 24-year-old former stepdaughter. But few suspected that the 46-year-old part-time politician was caught up in the shadowy underworld of cocaine trafficking, as he is described in the court documents.

“He’s a flamboyant personality. He’s a loner,” said Neva Roberts, the mayor pro tem of South Lake Tahoe. “I don’t know who his friends are. He’s somewhat of an enigma.”

An elaborate undercover operation–code-named “Deep Snow”–led to the arrest of the Trupps and 17 others, including a South Lake Tahoe chiropractor, Glenn Clifford Miller.

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terry trupp dies